How To Create Sustainable Energy For Your Body (And Avoid A Caffeine Crash)

How To Create Sustainable Energy For Your Body (And Avoid A Caffeine Crash) - ecoNugenics

Boost Energy Naturally

Caffeine and artificial energy stimulants, like coffee, energy drinks and sugar, can give you a quick boost of energy, but they don’t give you real, sustainable all-day energy. Instead, caffeine gives you energy crashes, and can even put your health at risk. Studies o show that while caffeine in moderation may offer some health benefits, having large amounts of caffeine can stress your energy systems and harm your overall health. 

How can you protect your health AND get the energy you need? Here are some natural ways to support your body’s energy production, and how to create sustainable energy, without a caffeine crash. 

How to Create Sustainable Energy

There are many ways to naturally optimize your body’s energy production, so you can enjoy sustainable, all-day energy and defend against common energy suckers. These six natural energy-boosting tips can help your body nourish itself with nutrients to create true, sustainable energy. 

6 Steps to Healthy All-Day Energy

Detox Your Body

Safe and daily detox programs can help your body eliminate harmful environmental toxins and waste that can slow you down damage your mitochondria and put your energy at risk. Detoxing can help create more energy, balance immunity, and support healthy inflammation and circulation. 

Support Healthy Inflammation Responses

Chronic inflammation can disturb your natural energy production, and lead do disease. Supporting healthy inflammation responses and balanced immunity with natural ingredients, healthy diet, and limiting sugar and caffeine can help prevent immune overreactions that can wipe out energy. 

Improve Your Circulation

Energy levels depend on healthy circulation. Without total-body circulation, you’ll feel fatigued, and your body won’t get the nutrients it needs to support you through your day. Boosting circulation can help with your overall energy, cardiovascular health, and promote healthy brain function. 

Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise boosts your mitochondria function, improving your energy levels, total-body circulation and overall health. Exercising also delivers more oxygen to cells, organs and tissues, promoting healthy function through your body for natural energy production. 

Practice Healthy Stress Relief

Stress depletes your body’s deepest energy reserves. Meditation, yoga and other healthy stress relief practices can help rebalance your body’s stress hormones and support healthy adrenal glands for long-term energy and wellness.   

Support Your Adrenals

Your adrenals play key roles in hormone function, energy, metabolism, blood sugar balance heart health and more. Chronic stress, and too much caffeine, can lead to burn out of your adrenal system, leading you to feel fatigued, exhausted, and have low energy. When your adrenals are overworked from stress, it’s nearly impossible for your body to create sustainable energy. Nourishing your adrenal system is the key to creating sustainable energy for your body, without the rushes and crashes – the way real energy should be.  

How do you support your adrenals? MycoAdrenal is a powerful, physician formulated mushroom blend of five functional mushrooms including Reishi, Cordyceps, Turkey Tail, Shiitake, and Maitake, that are botanically-enhanced during growth with adrenal and immune-supporting herbs that help your body create sustainable energy that lasts.*



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With these natural tips for energy production and support for healthy adrenal function, you can maintain constant, stable energy, and avoid a caffeine crash.