Mycotoxin Rescue Bundle
Mycotoxin Rescue Kit - ecoNugenics
Mycotoxin Rescue Kit - ecoNugenics
Mycotoxin Rescue Kit - ecoNugenics
Mycotoxin Rescue Bundle
Mycotoxin Rescue Bundle
Mycotoxin Rescue Kit - ecoNugenics

Mycotoxin Rescue Bundle

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The 2-step Mycotoxin Rescue Bundle goes beyond just mycotoxin detox, defending your health against multiple factors of mycotoxicity and related issues—for comprehensive, multi-system and total-body support.*

Bundle includes 1 Bottle PectaSol-C 454g Unflavored Powder + 2 Bottles GlyphoDetox 60 Capsules.

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Why Choose the Mycotoxin Rescue Kit?

Physician Recommended — Safe and Gentle: Dr. Eliaz’s Mycotoxin Rescue Kit is recommended as a powerful and effective 2-step solution to support optimal detoxification and recovery against mycotoxins and compounding factors. Safe, non-toxic detox binders nourish rather than deplete your system, while removing harmful toxins and modulating immune and inflammatory reactivity.*

The Mycotoxin Rescue Kit can benefit a wide range of patients, regardless of SNP variants or detox pathway impairment. It can be used alone to reduce toxic load, balance immune and inflammation responses, and support optimal cell, tissue and organ system rebalancing.It can also be used together with other targeted mycotoxin detox products and protocols, or health supplements, for a comprehensive routine that enhances the efficacy of other treatments.*

Easy to Follow: This two-step daily defense system with straightforward dosing in an easy-to-implement protocol that delivers powerful results with noticeable benefits—providing momentum to stick with your program and feel better faster.*

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...I feel better every day, my energy is back and I’m not stuck in bed with my air purifier on. I feel like I have my life back....

Amber L.


This kit is a lifesaver for my wife. She has Lyme and mold sickness and these products have helped her immensely.

Burl R.


My brain fog and fatigue lifted, and my other symptoms began to steadily improve... So grateful for this program!

Marianne T.


Great for detoxing!...Been using it for over a month and it’s helping tremendously

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Step 1: Clinically Proven PectaSol Modified Citrus Pectin—Beyond a Detox

PectaSol is clinically proven to tightly bind and safely eliminate toxins from the body—while at the same time, delivering a multitude of unparalleled powerful benefits to defend and restore long-term health and physiological function at the cellular level.*

How Does PectaSol Help with Mycotoxins?

In addition to detoxing heavy metals, radioactive elements, and biotoxins, PectaSol also binds to a protein in the body called Galectin-3—the upstream “alarm protein” that research shows drives numerous processes that contribute to mycotoxin issues. Galectin-3 levels are higher in people with mycotoxicity, fueling uncontrolled inflammation and immune dysregulation. When we bind and deactivate Galectin-3 with PectaSol—the most researched Galectin-3 blocker—we can achieve powerful results for addressing mycotoxicity.*

Step 2: GlyphoDetox—Pesticide Detox and Gut-Brain Repair

GlyphoDetox features powerful detox binders that provide targeted detoxification support for pesticides including glyphosate, agricultural and environmental neurotoxins such as fluoride and bromide, as well as mycotoxins and biotoxins. GlyphoDetox also supports gut wall integrity to help address leaky gut.*

GlyphoDetox contains fulvic acid, organic Icelandic kelp, alginates, and citrus pectin. Glycine is included to support neurological function, liver detoxification, and other benefits.*

How does GlyphoDetox help with Mycotoxins?

Multi-action binders in GlyphoDetox target a wide range of toxins that can contribute to mycotoxicity and mycotoxin issues— mycotoxins and biotoxins, pesticides including glyphosate, heavy metals, and environmental toxins—allowing them to be tightly bound and safely eliminated.*

These ingredients also provide essential nutrients for prebiotic nourishment and microbiome rebalancing, bowel motility and regularity, gut wall integrity, mineral replenishment, glutathione production and healthy liver function, thyroid defense, and healthy neurological function.