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It's All In Your Cells



PectaSol support and

promotes healthy cells,

tissues and organs

from deterioration. 1


PectaSol optimizes your

immune response so your

immune system works

smarter not harder. 2,3


PectaSol actively

promotes a healthy

inflammation response

throughout your body. *1


PectaSol helps keep your heart

young by supporting heart

muscle, blood vessel function,

and blood pressure. 4


PectaSol is clinically proven to

safely and gently reduce toxic

metals such as lead and

mercury from the body. 5-7


PectaSol unlocks the potential

of the cells in your bodes they

can perform at their highest

level for long-term health. 1,8

About Dr. Eliaz

With 25+ years of clinical and research experience, ecoNugenics founder and formulator Dr. Isaac Eliaz is a physician, researcher, and best selling author, offering an unparalleled unique approach to health and healing. His extensive training in Western medicine and research, Traditional Asian medicine, and complementary healing modalities, has earned him international recognition as a leader in integrative health and medicine.


What is PectaSol?

PectaSol is the original and only proven form of modified citrus pectin supplement, shown in over 75 published studies to deliver essential daily support for key body functions, optimal health, and long-term vitality. Derived from citrus peels and modified using a proprietary enzyme and pH process to ensure optimal bioactivity, PectaSol is recognized by researchers as the only proven galectin-3 blocker, able to halt the destructive actions of this rogue protein. PectaSol provides unparalleled support to address our most critical health concerns—all the way down to the cellular level.*

What are the benefits of taking PectaSol?

PectaSol is extensively researched and reccomended by practitioners worldwide to support healthy inflammation and immune responses; cardiovascular, kidney and liver function, optimal cellular behavior and signaling, safe detoxification of heavy metals and environmental toxins, and overall total-body wellness. People who take PectaSol report increased energy levels, reduced brain fog, improved immune function, less joint pain and stiffness, better detoxification, and other key markers and benefits.*

Which form of PectaSol is best for me?

Each bottle of PectaSol contains just that: Pure, original, researched modified citrus pectin, produced from citrus peels using a proprietary modification process to achieve the precise molecular weight and structure required to absorb from the GI tract into the circulation—and deliver a wealth of proven benefits throughout the body.*

Who should take PectaSol?

Anyone: young, old, sick, and healthy—even your pets! Everyone can benefit from the unparalleled results PectaSol provides for daily health, immunity, energy, and long-term total-body wellness.*

How much PectaSol should I take?

Anyone: young, old, sick, and healthy—even your pets! Everyone can benefit from the unparalleled results PectaSol provides for daily health, immunity, energy, and long-term total-body wellness.*

PectaSol Powder

Formulated by award-winning Integrative Medicine expert and best-selling author, Isaac Eliaz, MD, PectaSol is the leading supplement for enhancing the body’s most essential self-healing mechanics.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent a disease.

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