"I recommend both PectaSol Modified Citrus Pectin and Padma Basic for their proven cardiovascular benefits. PectaSol is supported by 80+ studies and as the most researched galectin-3 blocker helps manage healthy inflammation in the cardiovascular system. Padma Basic is an ancient Tibetan herbal formula backed by 30+ studies that is shown to support optimal circulation, mobility and antioxidant activity.
" - Dr. Joel Kahn, MD (Summit Host)

Healthy Heart Bundle

Healthy Heart Bundle

Protect your heart, boost your circulation, promote healthy inflammatory responses in your body, and more with our evidence-backed Healthy Heart Bundle, featuring PectaSol Modified Citrus Pectin (the original, patented form of MCP) and Padma Basic, a Tibetan herbal formula used for centuries to rejuvenate the heart.*

While timing and results vary based on individual health status,
commonly reported benefits of the Healthy Heart Bundle include:

Optimal aging
Heart muscle and heart function support
Healthy cholesterol levels
Peak cellular performance
Cardiovascular health, and improved circulation and mobility*
Joint health and detoxification
"I have been taking PectaSol and Padma Basic for a few years at the suggestion of my doctor. They have made a dramatic difference in my circulation, especially in my legs. I think they have helped maintain my blood pressure too. I also noticed that my energy levels increased quite a bit after starting these. Both my parents and my brother had heart disease, so taking these products every day is especially important to me."
— Bill B.

What's inside the Healthy Heart Bundle

Two Essential Supplements—Proven to Protect


PectaSol | Modified Citrus Pectin


Published research shows that PectaSol Modified Citrus Pectin contains a broad range of benefits for heart health. This super nutrient works to maintain healthy cardiac tissue, promote strong blood vessels and heart valves, and support overall cardiovascular function.*

So, what makes PectaSol-C so effective — and so exciting to researchers in the field of heart health?

The Most-Researched Galectin-3 Blocker

PectaSol-C is the only available agent shown to block the actions of a protein in the body called galectin-3. This pro-inflammatory protein is capable of wreaking havoc if left unchecked, and levels tend to rise due to certain stressors, as well as with age. Thousands of published studies, including large-scale clinical data, show how galectin-3 plays a significant role in impacting the most critical areas of health, including cardiovascular, kidney, neurological, immune, and cellular health.*

From this fast-growing field of research, only one available solution has emerged: PectaSol Modified Citrus Pectin — the most-researched galectin-3 antagonist.*

PectaSol’s proven ability to enter the circulation, block galectin-3, and make a positive difference in key organs and systems, has earned it recognition as one of the most important daily supplements for cardiovascular wellness and overall longevity.*


Padma Basic — Cardiovascular Support


One of the most-researched herbal formulas in the world, Padma Basic is based on a classical Tibetan preparation and has been rigorously studied for over 50 years. 30+ published clinical studies and extensive preclinical data demonstrate the robust benefits of this time-honored formula for optimal cardiovascular and circulatory function, immunity, joint health and mobility, dental health, and other key areas.*


Prized Botanicals Rich in Beneficial Compounds

Padma Basic’s 19 unique botanical ingredients are rich in antioxidants and beneficial compounds such as tannins, flavonoids, polyphenols, and aromatic
oils, which work together to deliver multi-targeted benefits for key areas of health. Camphor and calcium sulfate are included to support its actions as a traditional “cooling formula” to combat areas of “heat.” The herbs in Padma Basic are carefully cultivated in small farms in Switzerland as well as high in the Himalayas for optimal purity and potency.*

Published clinical research shows Padma Basic provides multi-targeted
support for robust circulation and cardiovascular function, increased
mobility and walking distance, and reduced sensations of tingling and
heaviness in legs.*

The Proven Power of Synergy:
PectaSol + Padma Basic = Enhanced Results

One of PectaSol’s most remarkable actions is its proven ability to synergize with other protocols and approaches for enhanced benefits and greater results. PectaSol is shown in published studies to work synergistically with conventional approaches, as well as certain ecoNugenics formulas, for even greater cellular and total-body benefits.*

Healthy Heart Bundle Dosing

It is recommended to build up to the full doses over a 3-week period

PectaSol: 15 grams per day
(1.5 scoops twice daily) away from food

Padma Basic: For maintenance support, take 1 capsule twice per day or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner. For maximum support, take 3 capsules two times per day with food.

Real People. Real Healing.

Verified Customer

"After starting to take Padma Basic, I noticed an improvement in my circulation. No more cold fingertips! I have also noticed overall improvements, including my oral/dental health. I seem to move easier. Within the first week or two, I noticed an improvement in my menopausal skin. The under-eye hollows and bags are much less noticeable and slowly, they continue to improve. I believe Padma Basic has improved my skin more than I could ever have hoped to achieve with any lotion or potion, which is an unexpected bonus on top of the health benefits. I look forward to the continued improvements. I encourage anyone reading this to take advantage of the science and research available on Padma Basic. The documented benefits are numerous and amazing."


Verified Customer

“I initially bought PectaSol and Padma Basic to lower blood pressure and high cholesterol. However, a great added benefit has been the reduction in inflammation in my body and the amount of swelling and puffiness that has gone down as well in my face and legs. I'm feeling great and looking better!


Verified Customer

"I love that there is so much research behind PectaSol. My cousin recommended it to reduce inflammation and improve heart health. I've only been using it for 10 days, but I already feel better in my body and my breathing has improved!"



Healthy Heart Bundle

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.