Focused on Weight Loss? Release Those Toxins!

Where do toxins hide in the body? There are many places: inside cells, tissues, bones, joints, and organs—including the brain. But one of the most common places is in fat cells. That’s why the right detox methods are critical for any weight loss program. 

Releasing Toxic Baggage

Many environmental toxins are not water-soluble. Instead, they dissolve in lipids (fats) and get stored in fatty tissues throughout the body. This is especially true in cases of high toxin exposure. The body’s natural detox mechanisms can’t keep up with the number of toxins entering the body, so whatever can’t be metabolized and excreted becomes stored somewhere, usually in fat cells. In particular, certain pesticides, heavy metals, and other “everyday toxins” tend to gravitate toward fatty tissues.

Stealthy Imposters: Hormone-Mimicking Compounds

There’s one group of chemicals that can have a significant impact when it comes to fat storage. These toxins are known as “endocrine disruptors,” “environmental estrogens,” or “xenoestrogens” because they mimic the actions and signals of estrogen and other hormones. Common examples include Bisphenol A (BPA) and phthalates found in certain plastics and food packaging. Xenoestrogens trigger excessive stimulation of hormone-sensitive tissues, like breast tissue, with widespread impacts on human and environmental health.

BPA and other water-soluble compounds get stored in fat tissue, but that’s not all. Research suggests that these common toxins actually increase the production of fat cells in the body, possibly due to their hormone-mimicking actions.

Toxin Quick Release

The body stores toxins in fat cells as a coping strategy to get them out of the circulation, and protect vital organs. We might not notice the direct effects of these toxins—until we lose a lot of weight. With weight loss, especially rapid weight loss protocols, the action of “breaking fat” can release an overload of toxins into the bloodstream.

This is one of the most common problems with rapid weight loss, as well as fast-track detox programs. Toxins are “quick-released” into the circulation, overwhelming the body’s elimination systems. The results are common detox side effects: Headaches, fatigue, digestive discomfort, and other effects that come from toxins being redistributed throughout the body. The discomfort can lead many people to discontinue the detox process, leaving many pollutants to circulate freely in the bloodstream, or worse, travel to critical organs where they can cause even greater impacts.  

However, with the right detox support, we can slow the release of toxins. More importantly, we can safely bind them when they are discharged into the circulation, using powerful yet gentle ingredients that offer natural binding support. This allows the toxins to be safely eliminated from the body and stops them from being redistributed to critical organs and tissues.

Start Slow and Cover Your Bases with Weight

Begin your weight loss program gradually. Slowly transition your diet away from processed, pro-inflammatory foods, sugars, and trans fats. Emphasize non-starchy vegetables, lots of fiber, and nutrient-dense whole foods in their natural form. And don’t forget to drink plenty of filtered water to help flush toxins. These key steps allow your body to transition into the process of weight loss and detoxification, without an abrupt shock to the system.

ecoNugenics PectaClear® is a critical detox formula that works to bind toxins in the circulation and digestive tracts, for safe removal. PectaClear is clinically researched and shown to remove toxic metals and environmental pollutants, including radioactive particles, safely and naturally.*

This unique detox formula contains PectaSol-C® Modified Citrus Pectin and sodium alginates purified from kelp. These extensively researched natural binding agents effectively remove heavy metals, pesticides, and environmental toxins from the body, without stripping essential minerals like calcium and magnesium, as so many other binders often do. With gentle, comprehensive binding support, PectaClear is an essential strategy for any detox or weight loss program.*

Achieving a healthy weight offers an extensive array of benefits. By including clinically researched, safe, and effective detox support, we can maximize our efforts and add significant momentum on our journey to greater vitality.

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