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I have been very pleased with the product that I have used my energy and well being improved. very gently effective and free of side effects. Great customer service as well. I will continue trying to improve health with eco eugenics. I have tried many binders and pectasol is most effective and unique.

Charles M.


I took it for ten days and had noticeable improvement in chronic pain and fatigue, I have suffered from for over 20 years. This is the first supplement that has ever made me feel better and I have spent over $100k trying to get help.

Kathleen T.


PectaSol makes a huge difference in the health and overall wellness of my patients. I'm continually impressed by how effective this product is for addressing critical areas of health and enhancing quality of life.

Sharyn Wynters, Naturopath


 I have been taking this product for a long time. It helps to keep me much healthier. I really love the product.


Super-nutrient for total body-health.

PectaSol modified citrus pectin provides proven total-body benefits, so you can feel your best.*

Optimal Aging

PectaSol provides healthy aging support by promoting healthy cells, tissues and organs from deterioration that comes with the aging process.*

Immune Support

PectaSol has natural immune-modulating activity to train and optimize your immune system to work smarter, not harder.*

Inflammation Response

PectaSol actively promotes a healthy inflammation response throughout your body by blocking Galectin-3, supporting your joints, nerve, and kidney health.

Heart Health

Modified citrus pectin supports cardiovascular health by protecting heart muscle and function, supporting healthy blood pressure and balancing cholesterol levels, so you can live your most vibrant life.*


PectaSol modified citrus pectin is proven to detox the body from toxic metals like mercury, lead, and arsenic without depleting essential minerals you need to stay healthy.

Cellular Activity

PectaSol MCP unlocks the potential of the cells in your body so they can perform at their highest level for long-term health

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PectaSol modified citrus pectin rejuvenates every part of your body by revitalizing your cells and organs. PectaSol is the only natural solution proven to deliver benefits for total body health and aging, making it your most important daily supplement for lifelong wellness.*

1 Comprehensive Super-Nutrient in a Single Serving

"PectaSol is the most important supplement for long-term health. It is the only clinically researched modified citrus pectin, and it is becoming the number one proven supplement for cellular health, cardiovascular function, safe detox and more."

—Dr. Isaac Eiaz, MD, MS, LAc
Founder, ecoNugenics

What is modified citrus pectin (MCP)?

Modified Citrus Pectin is naturally derived from the pith of citrus fruit peels, including lemons, limes and oranges. The pectin fiber is reduced to a tiny, absorbable size which gives PectaSol the ability to enter the circulation and bind to and block Galectin-3, a protein that fuels inflammation, hardens tissues and organs, and can wreak havoc with serious health impacts throughout the body.*

What does modified citrus pectin do for your health?

A healthier you starts with healthy cells. With trillions of cells in your body performing countless biochemical functions every second, feeling your best and achieving optimal health and vitality depends on each cell doing its job. Over time, cells that don’t perform optimally can directly impact our most critical areas of health, such as cardiovascular function, immunity, and cognitive health. MCP unlocks the healing potential in every cell of your body, from brain cells and bone cells to skin cells. Modified citrus pectin delivers the support you need to stay and feel young, healthy, and vibrant.*


peer-reviewed clinical and pre-clinical studies


patents for targeted applications


years of clinical success

What is PectaSol?

With over 80 published studies, PectaSol modified citrus pectin is earning recognition as THE most important super-nutrient and daily supplement for achieving total-body health, wellness and aging. This super-nutrient gets all the way to your cells to upgrade and optimize cellular performance—and your long-term health. Experience the abundance of proven health benefits from PectaSol, the original and only clinically proven modified citrus pectin.

Start your journey to a healthier you with PectaSol MCP.

When used daily, PectaSol is shown to deliver powerful benefits by elevating your body’s performance and unlocking your potential. PectaSol modified citrus pectin is proven to provide: 

The research speaks for itself.

The extensive body of published research on ecoNugenics’ modified citrus pectin supplement speaks for itself - demonstrating the remarkable ability of this single ingredient to optimize total-body health, and make a life changing difference.

PectaSol modified citrus pectin is so effective, health practitioners and savvy consumers world-wide are making this powerhouse super nutrient their go-to solution for achieving next-level health and wellness.*

The Pectasol Difference

With PectaSol MCP, you’ll get proven aging and total-body support with the only natural solution that delivers critical health benefits not offered by other products or ingredients.*

NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a coenzyme found in all cells, with roles in metabolism, energy and antioxidant activity. Levels decline with age, so NAD and NAD precursors like niagen (vitamin B3) may help maintain healthy levels. However, concerns are emerging that NAD and NAD precursors may actually pose a risk to cellular health, by increasing the metabolic activity of certain cancers.

PectaSol MCP is very different because it delivers benefits directly to cells, tissues and organs. It absorbs quickly into the circulation where it actively blocks Galectin-3, optimizes cell signaling, replication and behavior; removes toxins, and fine-tunes immune responses delivering a wealth of powerful, total-body benefits.*

Mitochondria are the tiny organelles within cells that produce cellular energy and regulate cellular metabolism. Certain natural compounds, including HonoPure honokiol from magnolia bark, work inside the cell to support mitochondrial health, with a number of important benefits including optimal aging.* 

PectaSol MCP on the other hand works outside the cell on the membrane level, to optimize cell signaling, communication, and behavior; reduce oxidative stress, and support healthy immune function.* 

Research shows PectaSol MCP works synergistically with HonoPure honokiol, delivering powerful dual-action support both inside and outside the cell—for optimal cellular function and long-term wellness.* 

PectaSol MCP is the original and only clinically researched form of modified citrus pectin available, with over 70 published studies and 25+ years of clinical use.

There are many MCPs available today, but only one has been proven in studies to effectively halt and reverse the effects of Galectin-3: PectaSol MCP. Unlike other MCP products, PectaSol MCP is the only researched, clinically studied and substantiated form of MCP with advanced bioavailability and absorption potential. Regular, unmodified pectin molecules are too large to enter your circulation, so regular pectin does not get absorbed into the circulation to block Galectin-3, nor does it offer the many benefits of the original and clinically researched modified version PectaSol MCP.*

PectaSol MCP is produced using a special enzymatic and pH process to achieve highly specific size and weight characteristics —between 3-13 kilodaltons in size, and less than 10% esterification—which ensures PectaSol MCP is absorbed into the bloodstream and has a high degree of bioactivity to support optimal cell, tissue and organ function.*

Trusted by health practitioners and health seekers for over two decades, PectaSol MCP is an extremely safe compound, classified as GRAS, Generally Regarded as Safe, by the FDA.

Regular fruit pectin from apples, citrus and other fruit, can be a beneficial source of fiber to support the digestive system. Regular pectins are long-chain fibers that can form gels, which is why they’re also used in making jams and preserves. However, these long-chain pectin fibers are too large to enter the circulation.

PectaSol, on the other hand, is citrus pectin that has been modified using a proprietary process to produce very small molecular weight fibers with a specific structure, which allows them to enter the circulation and work with a high level of bioactivity throughout the body.

As the original and only proven form of modified citrus pectin, PectaSol is the ONLY MCP with the correct molecular specifications to be enter the circulation and actively support our total-body health.