Hand holding PectaSol Modified Citrus Pectin grey background

A super-nutrient for total-body health.

Unlocking nature's healing power.

Many of nature’s greatest healers—herbs, botanicals, mushrooms and more—are rich with potent compounds that enhance health and slow aging. But these compounds need to be made available and absorbable so the body can use them.

Hear what our customers have to say


I am really happy and very much satisfied with ecoNugenics supplements. I trust them…and it definitely works as advertised.

Genero T.


I like the product and rely on Dr. Eliaz' research and experience.... ecoNugenics got it to me with no fuss right when expected.

Charles M.


EcoNugenics' new auto-refill option makes keeping my supply of PectaSol filled very easy and hassle free….What a difference from when I don't take it!!

Diana B.


I have used this product (PectaSol) for a number of years and have had good experience with both the product and the website. The product has good science behind it…

Michael G.


I was very pleased to try this product (ecoProbiotic) knowing how carefully Econugenics researches what they offer….

Carol R.


...the results I am getting from their supplements like, MycoAdrenal, make their products an easy choice for me. The service is five-star as well.

James T.

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