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Cognitive & Stress

Smart Solutions for Cognitive Health and Stress

Stress, mood and cognitive health are closely connected.  

ecoNugenics advanced cognitive and stress formulas work through dynamic, broad-spectrum mechanisms to support long-term cognitive function, balance stress responses, promote healthy relaxation, and optimize neurological wellness.* 

Our Top-Selling Neurological Wellness Formula

HonoPure |Advanced stress and neurological support, with additional benefits*

Small enough to cross the blood-brain barrier, HonoPure offers effective relaxation and calming support, by promoting optimal GABA activity in the brain. HonoPure also helps support healthy neurotransmitter and neurological function, with additional benefits for cellular regulation, antioxidant activity, and more.*

  • Promotes relaxation and a sense of calm* 
  • Supports neurological health and wellness* 
  • Non-habit forming, no next-day drowsiness*

Broad-Spectrum Cognitive Support and Protection*

PectaSol | Total-body support*

65+ published studies demonstrate the wide range of benefits offered by PectaSol—the original and only clinically proven Modified Citrus Pectin. Published data shows PectaSol can offer support for healthy cognitive function through unique bioactive mechanisms.*

  • Powerful cellular regulation and support* 
  • Supports healthy cognitive function* 
  •  Broad-spectrum, total-body benefits*

Adrenal Nourishment and Balanced Stress Response*

MycoAdrenal | Adrenal Nourishment + Stress Response Support*

Part of our revolutionary botanically-enhanced mushroom line this dynamic adrenal health formula delivers essential adaptogenic support for adrenal nourishment, immunity, cortisol balance, and optimal stress response.* 

  • Supports Healthy Adrenal Function* 
  • Promotes Healthy Immune Response* 
  • Promotes Energy, Stamina and Mental Clarity* 
  • Balances Stress Response* 

More than a Sleep Formula—ecoSleep Total Sleep Restoration*

ecoSleep | Restorative Sleep Support*

A powerful yet gentle relaxation and sleep formula that delivers multi-targeted support for nighttime cellular renewal processes, balanced circadian rhythms and optimal sleep cycles.*

  • Supports Restorative Sleep* 
  • Promotes Healthy Circadian Rhythms* 
  • Non-habit forming | no next-day drowsiness* 

Optimal Gut-Brain Balance

ecoProbiotic | Adrenal Nourishment + Stress Response Support*

Effective probiotic formulas can offer advanced support for mood, stress and cognitive wellness—thanks to the vast interconnections between gut health and neurological function. ecoProbiotic is a first-in-class, organic herbal pre+probiotic elixir, formulated for optimal bioavailability and bioactivity to deliver powerful microbiome and digestive support, with benefits for a healthy mood, stress response, immunity and more.* 

  • Promotes a Healthy Microbiome* 
  • Supports Healthy Digestion* 
  • Maintains a Healthy Immune System* 

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