Isaac Eliaz, MD, MS, LAc

Isaac Eliaz, MD, MS, LAc

ecoNugenics Founder + Formulator

Helping you Unlock Your Infinite Healing Potential

With 30+ years of clinical and research experience, ecoNugenics’ founder and formulator Dr. Isaac Eliaz is a physician, researcher, and best-selling author, offering an unparalleled and unique approach to health and wellness. His extensive training in Western medicine and research, Traditional Asian medicine, and complementary healing modalities, has earned him international recognition as a leader in integrative health and medicine.

Master Formulator — Beyond One Single Ingredient

Blending science with clinical results, ecoNugenics’ patented ingredients and expertly crafted formulas feature innovative compounds shown to work on a deep level to restore and rebuild the foundation of your health. Many supplements on the market today are designed by industry executives and people with no real clinical background — ecoNugenics products are different. As a renowned clinician and master formulator, Dr. Eliaz developed ecoNugenics’ original line of products because he saw the need for effective, evidence-based solutions to address his patient's specific health concerns.

Dr. Eliaz holds a deep understanding of how specific natural ingredients can work to enhance the health and function of your body. Featuring select botanicals and nutrients drawn from diverse healing systems, including Traditional Chinese, Ayurvedic, and naturopathic medicine, ecoNugenics is proud to offer some of the most effective, innovative, and patient-tested ingredients and formulas based on published research and life-changing results.

ecoNugenics’ advanced supplements and ingredients work to nourish your body with what it needs to thrive, and bring your systems into balance and harmony. Our  first-in-class ingredients and formulas  enhance your body’s natural functions and allow for your innate healing and repair capacities to  improve health at the source.