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With close to 200 published studies on our physician formulated blends and ingredients, ecoNugenics is proud to be a leader in nutraceutical science, substantiation and clinical results.

Our unparalleled commitment to peer-reviewed research and formulation science sets us apart - with advanced nutraceutical technologies and natural solutions proven to upgrade your health and elevate your wellness.

What is peer-reviewed research?

2021 Clinical Trial shows PectaSol Supports and Defends Prostate Health

Multi-Center Trial in Israel

Single Arm Study

60 Participants

PectaSol 15g/day

Power in Numbers

We partner with renowned universities and medical institutes including Harvard, NIH, Columbia, MD Anderson and others, to validate the benefits of our innovative health solutions - with high-impact published research in leading scientific journals.


75+ published studies - including 4 clinical trials

Padma Basic

100+ published studies - including 30+ clinical trials


2 published clinical studies


3 published studies and 1 published clinical survey


4 published studies


2 published studies


1 published study

Make your immune system work smarter.
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Dr. Isaac Eliaz, MD, MS, LAc

ecoNugenics was founded in 1995 by integrative medicine expert and researcher, Isaac Eliaz, MD, MS, LAc. A highly regarded clinical practitioner, formulator, and author, Dr. Eliaz guides the development of ecoNugenics advanced solutions for today’s most critical health concerns—based on cutting edge-nutraceutical research, formulation science, and decades of outstanding clinical success.

Expert Formulas: Unlocked by Science

Most other supplement companies rely on industry “experts” with no clinical background to create their products.

ecoNugenics is different.

Formulated by Dr. Isaac Eliaz based on decades of clinical expertise, ecoNugenics products are created with a deep understanding of the body’s dynamic healing abilities. Rather than provide a surface solution, our formulas are designed to unlock your ultimate health potential - and deliver a wealth of life-changing benefits to upgrade and enhance long-term wellness.

We’re proud to be leading innovators of doctor-designed synergistic blends, cutting-edge nutraceutical technologies, and first-in-class formulation methods that activate and enhance nature’s most powerful compounds.

Add years to your life, and life to your years - with the power of expert formulation science.

Recent Research

Our recent and current research projects include studies with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Research Service (US-DA-ARS), Harvard University Medical School, Columbia University Medical Center’s Department of Urology, Indiana University Health’s Cancer Research Laboratory, University of Texas’ MD Anderson Cancer Clinic, as well as studies abroad in the Europe, Israel and China. We encourage you to explore the vast research library behind our work.

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