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A Balanced Approach to Optimal Immune Health

A robust, fine-tuned immune system is your greatest health asset.

To get there, you need to balance and optimize — rather than simply boost — immune activity. While it may sound tempting to supercharge your immune system, boosting immunity without proper balancing support can drive immune overreactions... and other unintended consequences.

That’s why ecoNugenics advanced immune formulas are designed to balance and optimize your immune response — maximizing your defenses while supporting total-body health and longevity through multiple unique mechanisms.*

Our Top-Selling Immune Formula

MycoPhyto - Intensive immune support and defense against occasional colds and flus*

Features six powerful mushroom varieties, enhanced with a first-in-class cultivation method that grows the mushrooms on a blend of potent immune-supportive herbs.*

  • Intensive, highest-level immune support*
  • Supports against occasional colds and flus*
  • Promotes energy and vitality*

Clinically-Researched Immune and Cardio Vitality Formula

Padma Basic - Broad-spectrum immune support with multi-targeted benefits*

Swiss-made Tibetan herbal formula backed by 30+ published clinical studies, delivers broad-spectrum benefits for robust immune function, cardiovascular health, mobility/joint comfort, and other key areas.*

  • Broad-spectrum phytonutrient immune support*
  • Powerful cardio and joint health benefits*
  • Multi-targeted, antioxidant-rich formula*

Immune Balancing and Total-Body Health

PectaSol - Immune balancing and optimizing, with clinically-researched benefits for healthy cells, tissues and organs.*

Clinically-proven PectaSol delivers unparalleled support and protection for long-term health and healthy aging, all the way down to the cellular level.*

  • Balances and optimizes immune response by blocking galectin-3*
  • Supports healthy NK cell activity*
  • Optimizes and protects cell, tissue and organ function*

Daily Immune Recharge and Nourishment

Ten Mushroom - Organic mushroom formula for daily immune nourishment and multi-system support.*

Organically-grown Ten Mushroom formula blends ten prized mushroom varieties to deliver optimal daily nourishment and support for healthy immune function, with additional benefits for key organs and systems.*

  • Nourishes your immune system for everyday wellness*
  • Supports multiple organs and systems*
  • Promotes long-term health*

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