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Immune Support

A balanced immune system is your greatest health asset.


Intensive Immune Support

With viral infections and flus, it’s more important than ever to protect and defend against threats. Our original botanically-enhanced functional mushroom immune supplement, MycoPhyto, gives you the power of six powerful and potent beneficial mushroom varieties, fortified with additional immune-support herbs during the growth process, that provide total-body support for increased energy, immunity, and support against occasional cold and flu symptoms.*

  • Supports against occasional colds and flus*
  • Intensive immune support*
  • Promotes energy and vitality*
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Ten Mushroom

Daily Immune Nourishment Supplement

Having a balanced immune system is the key to feeling your best each day. With daily immune support, you’ll give your body what it needs to train and develop stronger immune health defenses. Organically-grown Ten Mushroom immune supplement blends ten prized mushroom varieties to deliver optimal daily nourishment and support for healthy immune function, with additional benefits for key organs and systems.*

  • Nourishes your immune system for everyday wellness*
  • Supports multiple organs and systems*
  • Promotes long-term health*
  • Daily Immune Support Supplement*
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Padma Basic

Researched Balancing Immune Supplement

If you’re feeling the effects of an impacted immune system or want to protect your body from cold symptoms and threats, an antioxidant supplement is a great addition to your wellness routine. Padma Basic is a clinically-proven antioxidant-rich herbal supplement that offers multiple benefits including supporting respiratory health and balancing your immune system so that it can react appropriately, without causing immune overreactions.

  • Balanced immune support*
  • Powerful heart and joint health benefits*
  • Antioxidant-rich formula*
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Clinically-Proven Total-Body Support

Total-Body and Immune Health Support Supplement

Your cells face threats on a daily basis, impacting every part of your body—especially your immune system. Clinically-proven PectaSol modified citrus pectin delivers unparalleled support and defense for your immune system and total-body, for long-term health and aging*

  • Balances and optimizes immune response by blocking galectin-3*
  • Supports healthy NK cell activity*
  • Optimizes and defends cells, tissues, and organs.*
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