How Mushrooms Train Your Immune System

How Mushrooms Train Your Immune System

Research continues to explore the secrets of traditional herbal health systems—and the findings are significant. A number of unique botanical solutions are proving to deliver powerful benefits for key areas of health including immunity, stress, and much more. 

Perhaps the best examples are functional mushrooms, which have been used in ancient health systems for millennia. Today, many mushroom varieties are being hailed as powerful, multi-targeted solutions that can address key areas health today—including stress, toxins and unhealthy lifestyles. Importantly, mushrooms particularly powerful roles in immune health, especially during cold and flu season.  

Functional mushrooms contain a remarkable array ofbeneficial compounds that help promote and defend long term health. These potent active compounds,including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, polysaccharides, and alkaloids offer broad-spectrum benefits to bolster and reinforce immune responses, while delivering additional targeted support for numerous organs and systems: Cardiovascular, neurological, cellular, digestive, metabolic, and more. 

The benefits of mushrooms are so vast, in fact, that they appear to work with an innate intelligence, ‘sensing where the body needs help and targeting that specific area with increased support. For example, mushrooms are drawn toareas in the body where heavy metals and toxins have accumulated, and work to detoxify and revitalize tissues. 

But perhaps their most amazing benefit is how they interact with the immune system. Mushrooms aren’t immune system boostersthey’re immune system trainers and optimizers. 

Balanced Immunity is Key for Long-term Health

Mushroom cell walls contain a family of carbohydrates called beta-glucans, which have a powerful impact on the immune response. For example, these molecules bind to macrophages, part of the innate immune system, and work to energize them. In addition, beta-glucans interact with lymphocytes, T cells, Natural Killer cells and others immune components to enhance and balance their functionality.   

In truth, the relationships between mushrooms and immunity are complex. It would be easy, and accurate, to say that mushrooms increase the immune response. But in fact, there’s more going on. The active ingredients in mushrooms work to modulate, or essentially train the immune system, so that it functions appropriately—neither under-reacting (leaving you vulnerable to invaders) nor overreacting (causing damage to tissues and organs).  

This is apparent in how mushrooms interact differently in people needing different types of immune support. While mushroom have been shown to benefit people who have suppressed immunity, they also help balance immunity for people who struggle with overactive immune systems and autoimmune issues.



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Comprehensive, Year-Round Support

With a multitude of critical benefits and excellent safety profiles, as well as a rich history of traditional use, beneficial mushrooms are increasingly recognized as some of the most important and influential allies for long-term vitality. 

For optimal immune balance and overall wellness, it’s helpful to include multiple varieties of beneficial mushrooms in your daily regime, to ensure broad-spectrum support for year-round health— safely and naturally. 

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Research continues to show how functional mushrooms can exert powerful influences on the immune system, directly defending the body while balancing optimizing immune responses for greater long-term health and wellness.