Real Detox: The Road to Rejuvenation and Renewal

Real Detox: The Road to Rejuvenation and Renewal

There are so many reasons to start a rejuvenating detox program—especially after 2020More energy, better immunity, greater focus and concentration, and improved moods can all be achieved with a simple yet effective detox program. These are just a handful of results that can give you the boost you need to hit the ground running this new year.   

The truth is, toxic body burden is a common problem, and it can wreak havoc on your health in numerous ways—from brain function to gut balance and beyond. For example, a number of studies published in 2020 further demonstrated the potential impacts of heavy metals and other environmental toxins…on respiratory health, neurological development, cellular health, and other key organs and systems.   

As research continues to call attention to the impacts of heavy metals and other everyday toxins, the total-body benefits of safe, effective detoxification are increasingly clear. 

So Which Detox Products and Protocols are the Most Effective? 

The answer: Clinically-proven ingredients that bind and safely remove toxins, without stripping essential nutrients and minerals from the body, or causing harsh detox side effects—including the so-called “detox crisis.”  

Avoid a Detox Crisis with Safe, Gentle, Clinically Proven Formulas

Contrary to popular belief, a “detox crisis” (aka “healing crisis”) is actually a sign that your detox program may be causing more harm than good. A detox crisis happens when toxins are released into the circulation from storage areas—like fat cells—without the proper toxin binders to mop them up and prevent these toxins from being redistributed to more sensitive areas of the body. A detox crisis can cause detox symptoms like headaches, joint pain, fatigue, digestive upset, and other issues. Simply put, a detox crisis means you need additional detox support.  

For optimal binding and removal of heavy metals and other toxins, ecoNugenics recommends clinically proven PectaClear® Environmental Toxin Cleanse. 



Clinically proven PectaClear blends PectaSol Modified Citrus Pectin with alginates from kelp to provide powerful heavy metal detoxification and defense against toxin reabsorption.

This advanced formula combines clinically-proven PectaSol® Modified Citrus Pectin and alginates purified from kelp. These powerful yet gentle binding agents trap and safely eliminate toxic metals from the body such as lead, mercury, cadmium and arsenic, as well as radioactive ions.* 

Published clinical studies show PectaClear gently removes toxic metals and radioactive particles from the body, without affecting essential minerals.* 

The formula works synergistically to bind to and remove toxins from the GI tract and circulation and prevent their reabsorption and redistribution. This makes PectaClear an excellent solution on its own, as well as to prevent detox side effects and enhance the efficacy of other detox programs.*  

Safe, Gentle Clinically Proven Solutions for Daily Toxin Exposure 

In our modern world, toxin exposure is an everyday problem that requires daily solutions: Healthy diet, exercise, stress relief, and targeted detox formulas that gently remove toxins and support optimal detox functions.