Taking PectaSol-C with ProstaCaid Increases Benefits by up to 40%

Taking PectaSol-C with ProstaCaid Increases Benefits by up to 40% | ecoNugenics

You’re seeing good results from taking ProstaCaid® but have you tried adding PectaSol-C Modified Citrus Pectin for even greater benefits? PectaSol-C is clinically shown to support key areas of health, including prostate cellular health.*

PectaSol-C is also shown to enhance the effects of other protocols, from conventional pharmaceutical approaches to researched botanical formulas –including ecoNugenics ProstaCaid.

A study out of Indiana University Health showed that PectaSol-C Modified Citrus Pectin significantly enhances the prostate cellular health benefits of ProstaCaid. In the study, researchers analyzed the effects of ProstaCaid alone, and then combined with PectaSol-C.

The results were remarkable. PectaSol-C was shown to enhance the already-powerful benefits of ProstaCaid by up to 40%.*

The Strategy of Synergy

This study is a great example of scientific research substantiating an ancient principle in traditional herbalism: the wisdom of strategic, synergistic combinations that achieve peak results for health and healing.

Published research and extensive clinical use show that adding PectaSol-C to your ProstaCaid protocol can enhance the efficacy of these specialized formulas, and optimize their health benefits—safely and naturally.*

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