Your Holiday De-Stress Guide

Your Holiday De-Stress Guide

Celebrate This Year with More Energy and Less Stress

This year, hang on to your health, and brighten your mood and vitality, with a few simple holistic and natural measures. Give yourself the gift of self-care, and with it, greater resilience, energy and overall wellness—so you have more to truly celebrate.

Balancing Act: Superfoods vs. Super-Sweets

By balancing holiday treats with healthier choices like nutrient-dense whole foods, including healthy fats, we can keep blood sugar and energy levels stable, support a better mood, and supply critical antioxidants and protective nutrients that can keep us healthy even if we overindulge in unhealthy foods.

  • Avocado: High in B vitamins and healthy fats essential for calming the nervous system and supporting brain health.
  • Green leafy vegetables: Also high in B vitamins, as well as minerals like magnesium and potassium that help reduce anxiety and stress.
  • Omega-3 foods: Salmon and sardines, chia and flax, as well as walnuts, are excellent sources of omega-3, essential for helping reduce stress and depression.
  • Yogurt: Great source of probiotics, which are shown to reduce anxiety and support a healthy mood.
  • Coconut oil: A tablespoon of this healthy oil is shown to boost mood and reduce anxiety as effectively as some pharmaceutical drugs.

Push Your Buttons

Need a quick stress buster in the middle of a holiday meltdown? Acupressure might be your answer.

Two acupressure points, in particular, can be very effective.

  • “Hall of Impression” — This point is directly in between your eyebrows, at the center of your forehead. Sit comfortably and close your eyes, and apply firm pressure with your finger or thumb in a circular motion for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • “Union Valley” — This point is located in the muscle tissue (webbing) between your thumb and forefinger on both hands. Gently massaging this area can help relieve tension and stress, including relief for headaches and neck stiffness. It can also help boost the immune system. Avoid if pregnant as this point can also stimulate contractions.

Stress-Reducing Supplements and Herbs

  • Vitamin D3: Evidence shows that vitamin D deficiency plays a role in Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), which is just another term for the wintertime blues.
  • B Vitamins: Critical in helping to control stress and depression. One clinical study showed that supplementation with B complex improved mood and reduced stress.
  • Vitamin C: Clinical studies show vitamin C supplementation effectively reduces anxiety and promotes resilience against stress.
  • Passionflower: A gentle yet effective calming herb that influences GABA—the primary neurotransmitter that promotes relaxation. Can be used as a tea or supplement.
  • HonoPure: Powerful, versatile extract with extensive neurological health benefits, including relaxation and mood support.

When we make simple efforts to cultivate inner peace and nourish the body with simple self-care, the possibilities for health and healing can be endless.

And that’s something to truly celebrate.



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