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ecoProbiotic is an organic probiotic elixir with 8 clinically-studied strains of live beneficial bacteria, 19 digestive herbs, and pre-biotic nutrients in a highly bioavailable liquid form.*

    - 4 teaspoons, 1-3 times per day
    - Can be taken straight or mixed with juice or water
    - For best taste, chill before use


    100% Money-Back Guarantee

    If you are unsatisfied for any reason with your first order, return it within 30 days for a full refund. You only pay return shipping.

    Frequently Bought Together

    The Ultimate Gut Reset

    ecoProbiotic plus ecoDigest delivers the highest level of support for optimal gut health and digestive wellness.

    Drinkable Probiotic Support

    Unlike other probiotics, this liquid probiotic supplement is phyisican-formulated to deliver essential support to balance your gut against unhealthy microbes, toxins, and other inflammatory impacts.


    I noticed an immediate improvement of gut health from ecoProbiotic and will continue to use it. Bloating and stomach pains are no longer an issue and I have noticed increased energy.


    - Form: Liquid
    - Serving Size: 20 ml / 4 teaspoons
    - Servings: 25
    - Certified organic probiotic formula
    - 19 potent digestive herbs
    - Quality Assurance exceeds Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

    - Dairy Free
    - Nut Free
    - Vegetarian/Vegan

    The power of Effective Probiotic Support

    Microbiome Balance

    Live probiotics, prebiotic nutrients, organic digestive herbs and fermentation acids in ecoProbiotic promote optimal microbiome health and diversity to promote long-term digestive health.*

    Promotes Healthy Digestive Function

    ecoProbiotic replenishes and renews your GI tract, neutralizes toxins, and balances your digestive system.*

    Fast-Acting Bacteria

    As a liquid probiotic elixir, ecoProbiotic is more potent and bioavailable, delivering faster digestive relief and support compared to capsule-based probiotics.*

    Prebiotic and probiotic Blend

    ecoProbiotic is certified organic with live beneficial bacteria, prebiotic nutrients and 19 potent digestive botanicals, fermented in powerful liquid delivery system, for optimal microbiome and gut support.*

    Gut and Brain Support

    ecoProbiotic contains active probiotic strains to support optimal gut health, with additional benefits for brain, mood and neurological support.*

    Immune Support

    This digestive probiotic formula combines eight diverse, clinically-studied strains of live lactic acid bacteria and prebiotic nutrients, fermented with organically-grown botanicals that provide additional benefits for digestive wellness and healthy immune function.*

    Hear what our customers have to say about ecoProbiotic.



    I have tried numerous probiotics over the years for gut health, especially after antibiotic use. I noticed an immediate improvement of gut health from EcoProbiotic and will continue to use it.




    Very pleased with the results. I like the liquid form versus the pills from other brands. I will reorder the product for my parents. Great brand

    Gabriela S.


    Great product

    This is the first probiotic that works for me. I have tried many over the years with no help. You get results in just a few days i will continue to use this great product.

    Bill M.



    This is easily the most effective probiotic I have ever used. A comment I wouldn't make without due consideration. Try it yourself!

    Donald C.


    New favorite!

    I have found one of my must-have supplements. I have a few, including three other ecoNugenic products, a very smart company. It all starts and ends in the gut, the microbiome....

    John C.



    I was very pleased to try this product knowing how carefully Econugenics researches what they offer. When I saw the product has pre as well as probiotics, I knew it was a good product.

    Carol R.

    A Revolution in Probiotic Supplements

    ecoProbiotic is a powerful blend of prebiotic nutrients with probiotic strains and organic botanicals, fermented for optimal bioactivity, bioavailability and complete microbiome and GI support for a comprehensive and effective probiotic supplement. With 19 digestive herbs including ginger, chamomile, fenugreek and others, ecoProbiotic supplement provides greater GI benefits and healthy good bacteria, for long-term digestive health

    Certified Organic Liquid Probiotic Supplements

    Most probiotics are non-organic, capsule-based formulas. Only ecoProbiotic is certified organic in a liquid drinkable probiotic supplement that delivers fast-acting microbiome and gut support. With a tart berry flavor, you can enjoy your probiotic on its own or mixed in water, juice, or a smoothie.

    Clinically-Studied Live Probiotic Strains

    ecoProbiotic features 8 clinically studied probiotic strains, including Bifidobacterium lactis, Bifidobacterium longum, Lactobacillus salivarius, and others that promote healthy digestion, GI lining integrity, metabolic balance, and a healthy gut.*

    Pairs Well With


    PectaSol also has prebiotic benefits for GI health, and can be used together with ecoProbiotic for optimal microbiome health.*

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    ecoProbiotic taken with ecoDigest offers comprehensive, fast-acting support for optimal digestive function.*

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    To defend microbiome health against pesticides and toxins, ecoProbiotic can be used with GlyphoCleanse Pesticide Detox Formula.*

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    ecoProbiotic can be consumed at any time. Some prefer drinking it on an empty stomach, while others prefer to drink it in relation to meals.

    ecoProbiotic can easily be mixed with water, juice, smoothies etc. The only thing you should bear in mind is, that lactic acid bacteria feed on the nutrients in the substance (e.g. sugar, which is converted to acids). You should therefore mix it immediately before ingestion.

    Antibiotics work by killing bacteria, and therefore also the lactic acid bacteria in ecoProbiotic. Antibiotics do not influence the content of organic acids and herbal extracts. For optimal results, take as far apart in the day from antibiotics as possible.

    Yes, it is just as normal, that ecoProbiotic carbonates as if it doesn't. Neither are signs of poorer quality.

    No. ecoProbiotic only contains natural ingredients, and there is no risk of drinking too much. It is however advised to try out various amounts to see what is right for you. We recommend 20-30ml (4-6 US teaspoons) per day, but if you feel that you would like to drink more, you can easily do so.

    Yes! ecoProbiotic is certified organic.

    The term “lactic acid bacteria” covers a number of live microorganisms, single or mixed cultures of e.g. lactobacillus bacteria and bifido-bacteria that produce organic acids.

    Organic acids are derived from organic compounds. These acids are naturally present in the intestines and are formed by e.g. lactic acid bacteria. In ecoProbiotic the organic acids are present in the form of lactic acid and acetic acid amongst others.

    Does ecoProbiotic contain milk?

    No. ecoProbiotic contains lactic acid bacteria, which is often associated with dairy products. Lactic acid bacteria are so called, because they convert sugars to organic acids, primarily lactic acid (and acetic acid). So they have nothing to do with milk, and ecoProbiotic can be drunk by people with lactose intolerance.

    No. None of the ingredients in ecoProbiotic contains gluten.

    Are there any contraindications or cautions for ecoProbiotic?

    This product has no known adverse effects or contraindications. As with any dietary supplement which contains herbs, you should advise your health care practitioner of the use of this product. If you are nursing, pregnant or considering pregnancy, consult your healthcare practitioner prior to use.*

    Does ecoProbiotic meet Quality Standards?

    Yes. ecoProbiotic is produced under conditions that meet or exceed good manufacturing practices (GMP) as defined by the FDA.

    Is ecoProbiotic temperature stable?

    Yes, until opened. Freezing will not kill the probiotics. The product needs to be refrigerated once it is opened. Heat above 115* F will also kill the probiotics.