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Healthy digestion delivers nourishment to every organ and system in the body, and is central in the removal of toxins and wastes. But new research shows that it also does more - a lot more. The gastrointestinal system helps modulate immunity, produce key hormones and neurotransmitters, regulate metabolism and energy, influence our emotional states and perform other critical functions.

Nutrient-dense whole foods, adequate hydration, regular exercise, healthy stress relief and targeted digestive health supplements can give your digestion the care it needs to function optimally for nutritional health, vitality, immunity and more.*

ecoNugenics digestive health supplement formulas contain powerful aromatic spices from Ayurvedic and Chinese herbal systems that have long been used to help revitalize digestion, promote metabolic health and detoxify the body. Our targeted formulas combine time-honored herbs and botanicals, along with key minerals, nutrients and beneficial mushrooms that work together to optimize the digestive process, relieve occasional digestive discomfort, support nutrient absorption and promote healthy detoxification.*