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PectaClear - ecoNugenics
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PectaClear - ecoNugenics
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PectaClear - ecoNugenics
PectaClear - ecoNugenics


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PectaClear is a clinically proven detox formula containing PectaSol and alginates from kelp. This gentle yet effective blend works safely to bind and eliminate toxins and heavy metals—including lead, mercury, arsenic, and radioactive ions—without disrupting essential minerals.*

    - Active dose (max. support): 3 capsules two times per day
    - Maintenance dose: 1 capsule two times per day
    - Take apart from food (30 minutes before or 1.5 hours after)


    100% Money-Back Guarantee

    If you are unsatisfied for any reason with your first order, return it within 30 days for a full refund. You only pay return shipping.

    Frequently Bought Together

    Upgrade Your Detox Program

    PectaClear and ecoDetox deliver complete support for heavy metal and toxin removal, and enhanced liver detox.

    Heavy Metal Detox Technology

    Clinically proven PectaClear blends PectaSol Modified Citrus Pectin with alginates from kelp to provide powerful heavy metal detoxification and defense against toxin reabsorption.


    I didn't realize how bad my mold/heavy metal toxicity was until I started taking this and have been feeling wonderful. Wish I had tried it sooner!


    - Form: Vegetarian Capsule
    - Serving Size: 3 capsules
    - Servings: 20 (Small) | 60 (Large)
    - Clinically researched and binds toxins in circulation and GI tract for safe removal
    - Quality Assurance exceeds Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

    - Dairy Free
    - Nut Free
    - Vegetarian/Vegan

    Ingredients: PectaSol® Modified Citrus Pectin, Algimate® Modified Alginate Complex. Vegetable capsule (natural vegetable cellulose, water), stearic acid, magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose, silicon dioxide.

    Complete Detox Benefits


    Published research shows that PectaClear removes toxic heavy metals including lead, mercury, and arsenic, without causing any side effects, discomfort or disruption in daily life. 1,2

    All-Day Energy

    Supports optimal energy levels by decreasing heavy metal burden and oxidative stress on the body.

    Gut Health

    PectaClear eliminates toxins that can overload your body’s natural detox organs like the liver, kidneys and GI tract, while promoting healthy gut bacteria with prebiotic nutrients.3

    Hormone Balance

    Stored toxins in fat cells can mimic hormones and cause an imbalance, but PectaClear gets rid of these “endocrine disruptors” to help support healthy hormone balance.

    Weight Management & Bloating

    PectaClear supports healthy weight management by promoting healthy fat storage throughout the body due to the PectaSol in the formula.4

    Circulatory Detox

    This powerful yet gentle natural detox formula absorbs toxins from your circulation and digestive tract, prevents them from redistributing throughout the body, and safely eliminates them through the urine and stool.

    Hear what our customers have to say about PectaClear.



    I've been taking PectaClear for 3 weeks and I already feel more energetic and vital. I can definitely feel the difference it has made in my body and I couldn't be more happy

    Eric Steel


    Great product!

    I feel great each and every day now that my system is clear. A must for those who want to cleanse those everyday toxins.

    Michelle N.


    Effective detox

    I bought this for my family. We could all feel it working. I’m hoping this helps with some different health issues we have.... I feel this is a helpful product.



    First time user

    Feeling very helpful about the potential of this product to help with years and years of toxic metal poisoning. Thank you EcoNugenics!

    R Conerly


    Great product!

    I love this product. It's really helped me clear toxins from the smoke and fires in our area. A functional medicine practitioner recommended it a few years ago and i have used ever since.

    Cori P.



    ...When I added PectaClear to my daily regiment, I really noticed a difference. I had less brain fog, more energy, and felt I had better control of the ups and downs associated with detoxing.

    Patricia P.

    Research for a Healthy Metal Cleanse
    This advanced heavy metal detox formula effectively reduces toxic body burden, without removing essential minerals, the way other heavy metal detox programs do. Clinical research demonstrates the ability of PectaClear to remove toxic metals, including radioactive particles, safely and effectively.*
  • 2 published clinical studies in detoxification
  • Gentle Gut Defense

    PectaClear detox supplements eliminates toxic metals and chemicals from the body, so you can keep the healthy nutrients that fuel you, support a clean gut, and feel your best.

    This complete detox formula even helps reduce the possible side effects that can happen as result of aggressive or harsh detox methods.
    PectaClear is perfect if you want to:
  • Eliminate heavy metals and toxins from your body

  • Support your gut health

  • Promote healthy weight management

  • Feel your best every day
  • Pairs Well With


    If extra cellular support is needed, PectaClear can be used with PectaSol for enhanced detoxification and cellular performance.*

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    PectaClear can be used with ecoDetox Total Body Detox formula for deeper, more thorough toxin removal and detox organ support.*

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    PectaSol and HonoPure together offer significant improvements in antioxidant activity and immune response, compared to either product alone.*

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    PectaClear blends PectaSol with sodium alginates to create a dual-action detox formula that delivers additional support against heavy metals and toxins. While the PectaSol modified citrus pectin enters the circulation and binds toxins in the bloodstream for safe elimination, the added alginates in PectaClear remain in the GI tract to remove toxins there, support a healthy GI environment and prevent toxin reabsorption/redistribution through the intestinal walls.

    For intense heavy metal detox, we suggest taking 3 capsules in the morning and 3 capsules in the evening for a total of 4 months. Following that, many people drop to a maintenance dose of 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule in the evening and stay at that level as they feel their exposure warrants it. Other people stop after 4 months and then do detox again in the spring and fall seasons for a month at a time to keep their bodies free of toxins.

    The alginate used is from the Laminaria family of alginates.

    No, PectaClear does not contain Iodine. Alginate is a viscous gum (glutinous in nature, thick, sticky) from the cell wall of brown algae (seaweed). It is then modified and purified. It has no iodine in it.

    This product has no known adverse effects or contraindications. As with any dietary supplement which contains herbs, you should advise your health care practitioner of the use of this product. If you are nursing, pregnant or considering pregnancy, consult your healthcare practitioner prior to use.

    This formula is prepared with the highest quality active ingredients under conditions that meet or exceed Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) as defined by the Food and Drug Association (FDA).