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ecoDigest (formerly Integrative Digestive Formula) blends unique botanicals, mushrooms, enzymes and minerals to deliver a broad-spectrum of benefits for optimal GI health and function. This innovative formula also offers fast-acting relief for occasional digestive discomfort including gas and heartburn.*

- 1 capsule twice per day before meals


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Frequently Bought Together

The Ultimate Gut Reset

ecoDigest plus ecoProbiotic delivers the highest level of support for optimal gut health and digestive wellness.

Digestive Health Benefits

Expertly formulated by Integrative Medicine Expert, Isaac Eliaz, MD, ecoDigest is your go-to daily digestive enzyme supplement for fast-acting gut support and healthy digestion balance.


I have not found a product this good for quite a while. It does exactly what it says it will do. For me it takes care of bloating and constipation, excellent!


- Form: Vegetarian Capsules
- Serving Size: 1 capsule
- Servings: 60
- Non-habit forming
- Contains natural digestive enzymes
- Quality Assurance exceeds Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

- Dairy Free
- Nut Free
- Vegetarian/Vegan

The power of an Integrative Digestive Formula

Long-term Digestive Balance

ecoDigest delivers powerful, complete digestive support to promote a healthy gut and digestive function for long-term digestive balance and health.*

Natural Enzyme & Nutrient Absorption

ecoDigest includes a small amount of digestive enzymes in the formula to help stimulate the body’s natural enzyme production and support optimal nutrient absorption.*

Relief from Occasional Discomfort, Gas and Bloating

ecoDigest features traditional Chinese herbs, functional mushrooms and essential minerals that work to calm occasional indigestion including gas, nausea, and bloating.*

Occasional Heartburn Relief

Soothing botanicals and essential minerals in ecoDigest help relieve occasional heartburn and promote a healthy GI environment.*

Prebiotic Microbiome Support

Herbs and natural ingredients like ginger root, functional mushrooms, and licorice root in ecoDigest provide prebiotic nourishment for healthy gut microbes.

Blood Sugar Balance and Metabolic Support

Cinnamon, cardamom, maitake mushroom and other ingredients in ecoDigest help support optimal blood sugar balance and overall metabolic health and efficiency.*

Hear what our customers have to say about ecoDigest.


Digestive Formula

Since starting this products about 3 months ago it has really helped my bowels. Things move more easily and regularly. As always this company has exceptional products.

Alison H.


Integrative Digestive Formula

I have used this product for many years and find it an excellent product in supporting digestive comfort and overall health. I take it everyday.

Carol R.


Integrative Digestive

EXCELLENT....with in 3 days I was getting the results I was searching for. Tried 4 other brands none worked nearly as well. AND there are no side effect

Richard L.

Natural Ingredients for a Healthy Gut with Digestive Enzymes

Supporting your digestion is the core for long-term health. EcoDigest is a natural digestive enzyme supplement blend that balances the digestive process, relieves occasional symptoms of digestive upset, and promotes long-term healthy digestive function.*

Digestive Enzyme Supplements for Fast-Acting Relief

With a unique physician-formulated digestive enzyme blend, ecoDigest offers fast-acting relief for occasional digestive discomfort, and promotes optimal GI tract function—for complete digestive rebalancing and support.*

ecoDigest is perfect if you want to:  

  • Support healthy digestive function
  • Support your long-term gut health
  • Get occasional relief from digestive discomfort
  • Support your natural enzyme production
  • Get fast-acting relief
  • Pairs Well With


    ecoProbiotic with ecoDigest offers comprehensive support for optimal microbiome health and GI function.*

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    To defend digestion against pesticides and toxins, ecoDigest can be used with GlyphoCleanse Pesticide Detox.*

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    ecoMetabolic can be taken with ecoDigest for comprehensive digestive support and metabolic efficiency.*

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, for optimal digestive balance and GI health, ecoDetox is recommended with ecoProbiotic.

    Does ecoDigest contain enzymes? 

    Yes, the ecoDetox has a small amount of plant-based enzymes for added digestive support, but these levels do not constitute targeted enzyme supplementation.

    I have an allergy to mushrooms. Can I take this product? 

    This formula is prepared with the highest quality active ingredients under conditions that meet or exceed Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) as defined by the Food and Drug Association (FDA).