Relax, Restore and Rejuvenate

ecoNugenics unique relaxation and sleep restoration formulas work to ease you into a state of relaxation and calm, promote deep REM sleep, and enhance nighttime renewal processes—for optimal rejuvenation and long-term wellness.*  

More Than a Sleep Aid—Total Sleep Rejuvenation

ecoSleep | Powerful yet gentle herbal-nutrient sleep formula for deeper sleep and optimal nighttime restoration.*

This unique sleep formula blends concentrated botanical extracts for relaxation and calming benefits, together with Traditional Asian botanicals that support optimal nighttime renewal across multiple organs and body systems. Non-habit-forming, this multi-action formula helps balance sleep cycles while encouraging deep REM sleep and nighttime repair, for greater next-day vitality and overall wellness.*  

  • Supports Restorative Sleep* 
  • Promotes Healthy Circadian Rhythms* 
  • Non-habit forming | no next-day drowsiness* 

Our Top-Selling Stress and Neurological Wellness Formula

HonoPure |Advanced stress and neurological support.*

Small enough to cross the blood-brain barrier, HonoPure offers effective relaxation and calming support, by promoting optimal GABA activity in the brain. HonoPure also helps support healthy neurotransmitter and neurological function, with additional benefits for cellular regulation, antioxidant activity, and more.*

  • Promotes relaxation and a sense of calm* 
  • Supports neurological health and wellness* 
  • Non-habit forming, no next-day drowsiness*

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Sleep & Relaxation