Research Team

ecoNugenics is dedicated to scientific innovation, and our commitments to research and wellness guide us in developing and providing the most advanced nutraceutical supplements available today.

Isaac Eliaz, MD, MS, LAc

Dr. Eliaz is a pioneer and expert in the field of integrative medicine and a highly regarded clinical practitioner, formulator, researcher, and author. In order to substantiate natural and nutritional approaches to health, Dr. Eliaz regularly contributes to both clinical and laboratory studies that are published in well-recognized, peer-reviewed journals. He leads ecoNugenics' research projects in natural, integrative approaches to cellular, prostate, breast, immune, metabolic, digestive, and cardiovascular health, as well as detoxification. Dr. Eliaz continually studies, integrates and applies the best health practices of both western medicine and complementary and alternative approaches to wellness. The guiding mission of Dr. Eliaz's professional life is achieving the integration and synergy of multiple healing modalities from both ancient and modern paradigms into a holistic practice of medicine. It is the heart of his clinical practice, of his research, and mission that he communicates with great passion and clarity.

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Barry Wilk, MA, BSc Director of Research and Development

Barry Wilk, MA, BSc, joined ecoNugenics as Director of Research and Development in 2006. As an integral member of Dr. Eliaz’s team, one of Barry’s primary responsibilities is to oversee the ecoNugenics quality assurance department. Barry brings over 15 years of academic scientific research including over 10 years with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute at the University of California at San Francisco (Biochemistry and Biophysics) and Stanford University (Neurology and Neurological Sciences) medical schools. Upon leaving academia he worked at Arriva Pharmaceuticals, a biotech startup, as an analytical chemist in Research and Development and Quality Control assay development for 3 years. Barry, a native of Detroit, Michigan received his Bachelors of Science from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, in Molecular and Cellular Biology. He came to the San Francisco Bay Area to attend graduate school at San Francisco State University, where he received a Graduate Certificate in Genetic Engineering, and a Masters of Arts in Microbiology and Molecular Biology on research performed in the School of Pharmacy, Molecular Parasitology Department at UCSF. He also did an internship at the biotech pharmaceutical company; Genentech, Inc. Barry has a strong record of bringing research to publication, and is the coauthor or acknowledged in over 15 published peer reviewed scientific papers and books.