Highlights from the Toxic Mold Masterclass

Thank you for attending the Toxic Mold Masterclass! If you have not had a chance to watch the interview between ecoNugenics founder and formulator Dr. Isaac Eliaz and host Bridgit Danner, click the link above to see his powerful discussion about groundbreaking, proven strategies for removing toxic mold from the body and healing inflammation and organ damage.

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This highly effective, clinically recommended Detox Rescue Protocol is the missing link in every mycotoxin detox plan. What you will learn in this Detox Rescue Protocol:

  • Clinically proven detoxification and repair strategies to remove toxins AND addresses the damage they have done to your systems
  • The biomarker that drives mycotoxin illness, cytokine storms, and mast cell activation — and how to address it for faster recovery  
  • How to limit herxheimer reactions (aka detox crisis) and improve detoxification functions
  • How this system can increase the efficacy of other mycotoxin treatments and protocols

Formulated based on decades of clinical expertise, ecoNugenics products are created with a deep understanding of the body’s dynamic healing abilities. Rather than provide a surface solution, ecoNugenics’ formulas are designed to unlock your body’s innate healing potential — and deliver a wealth of clinically relevant benefits to optimize long-term wellness.

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