5 Morning Habits to Start Your Day in a Healthy Way

5 Morning Habits to Start Your Day in a Healthy Way

What’s the secret to living your best life? It may sound silly, but how you greet the day can make all the difference in your health and happiness. Think about it: Dragging yourself out of bed to quickly grab a cup of coffee before rushing to work is not a recipe for success.

The answer? Create your own morning “mind-body” wellness routine. You can hit the reset button on your life, let go of yesterday’s problems, and focus on the day ahead. Morning rituals also give you a chance to build healthy habits for energy, stamina, brain power, and more. Here are five ways to make the most of your mornings.

Build Your New Morning Routine with These Tips

1. Get Up Earlier.

Read any book on the secrets of highly successful people and you’ll find that they all tend to be early risers. If you’re not already doing this, start waking up earlier — even 30 minutes can make a difference. Adjust your sleep cycle to accommodate for the extra time.

2. Make Time for Mindfulness.

Mornings are the ideal time to meditate. It sets the tone for your entire day. Studies show that even 13 minutes of meditation daily can help lift your mood and alleviate stress.1 If you’re up for it, meditating before and around sunrise may enhance your experience, as attuning your body to sunrise and sunset can have powerful effects. In addition to meditation, many people find that mornings are perfect for journaling and making intention lists. Try writing three things you are grateful for to set your mood and intention for the day.

3. Move Your Body.

Tony Robbins, one of the most popular motivational speakers on the planet, credits a specific movement routine as the key to starting his day on the right note. We agree! Whether it’s a morning walk, yoga, or simple stretches, movement is essential to a healthy life. And when you practice some type of movement in the morning, it boosts energy, gets your blood flowing, eases stress, boosts feel-good brain chemicals, and more.2

4. Feed Your Brain.

Have you heard of the gut-brain connection? Many of your body’s neurotransmitters, like dopamine, serotonin, and GABA, are actually made in the gut. So to feed your brain, you need to feed your gut. The best way to do this is with gut-friendly bacteria found in pre and probiotic foods and supplements. Whether you get these nutrients from foods like yogurt, honey, berries, or with extra support from a probiotic supplement, you’ll be setting your brain and gut up for success.3




This concentrated, fermented formula provides fast-acting, digestive and microbiome support, in a highly bioavailable liquid form.*

In addition, medicinal mushrooms, such as lion’s mane, reishi, cordyceps, and turkey tail, also have some pretty amazing brain health benefits. Promising research supports medicinal mushrooms for enhanced focus and concentration, better mood, energy, and more.4 But you don’t have to eat a mushroom omelette every morning to get the benefits. For maximum results, try a combination mushroom supplement that gives you the benefits of varieties of medicinal mushrooms in one, like Ten Mushroom.

In terms of brain-boosting foods to eat for breakfast, concentrate on fatty fish, leafy greens, berries, turmeric, yogurt, eggs, and, of course, hydrate!

5. Take Your Supplements.

In addition to probiotics and daily nourishment, finding a routine with ingredients that support your aging, brain, and gut are the secret to feeling your best each day. There are many choices when it comes to supplements, but the best to include in your morning routine is Modified Citrus Pectin, PectaSol. PectaSol, which is best taken first thing in the morning, has more than 70 published studies behind it, with proven benefits, especially for healthy aging. PectaSol modified citrus pectin delivers the support you need to stay and feel young, healthy, and vibrant, helping every cell and system in your body do its job.* Within your body, the PectaSol is addressing the root cause of inflammation, and providing you with healthy inflammation responses, and stronger defenses against threats to your total-body health.



Formulated by award-winning Integrative Medicine expert and best-selling author, Isaac Eliaz, MD, PectaSol is clinically-proven and backed by over 80 studies and 6 patents. It has been recommended by thousands of doctors for 30 years to support inflammation responses, immune health and detoxification.*

With this super-nutrient and probiotics in your morning routine, you’ll be protecting and nourishing your body for a healthy day, from the inside out. Both of these can be mixed up in your morning smoothie or drink, to help you get hydration and the nutrients you need to feel your best throughout the day. When you take time to prioritize yourself and your health in the morning, you’ll feel it all day, and years to come.



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