Healthy Habits To Protect Yourself From Cold Symptoms

Healthy Habits To Protect Yourself From Cold Symptoms

By now, we all know that getting sick and catching viruses is an unavoidable fact of life—and not just during the fall and winter seasons. Colds are the most common viral infections, and run rampant through schools, workplaces and homes all year long.  

The good news is, there are protective measures and steps we can take to protect ourselves and our families from catching a cold (or flu). If you do get sick, these immunity defense strategies can help reduce the intensity of the illness and improve your recovery time.  

Tips to Prevent the Common Cold

With vaccinations reducing the risks of viral infections, many of us may be relaxing our efforts to prevent the spread of infections. But our immune systems are actually way less prepared to fight off and protect against the common cold. These tips can make a difference in protecting yourself from a cold or viral infections. 

Pay attention! Notice if people are coughing or sneezing around you, and safely keep your distance. Minimize your exposure and when possible, stay clear of large groups. Follow your state’s CDC guidelines and mask restrictions to prevent spreading of infections.  

Wash your hands! Remember to always wash your hands frequently with hot water and soap. The mechanical action of hand washing removes virus particles and reduces your chance of getting sick. Use alcohol-based hand sanitizer for an extra layer of protection. 

Cover your mouth and nose if you need to cough or sneeze!

Sleep well! Getting enoughsleep helps your body keep immune defenses strong. Promoting healthy sleep habits can help you get the restful night sleep you need to support your health.1  

Stay hydrated! Dehydration can significantly increase your risk of infection and impair immune cell communication and function. Drink plenty of water to flush out toxins or viruses and keep your body clean from invaders.  

Destress! Manage stress levels with calming practices such as meditation, Tai Chi, yoga, and simple down time. Stress impairs immune function and slows recovery time.2 Taking time to yourself and practicing self-care can help promote a healthy immune system.

Try a humidifier! If you do feel cold symptoms, using a humidifier can keep your upper respiratory tract moist, increasing your defenses and can prevent viruses from taking hold. Humidity also decreases the survival rate of viruses in your environment.3 

Change your Diet! Healthy diet is essential for strong immunity against viruses. Eating unprocessed, natural, nutrient-dense whole foods can help you fight off infections and strengthen your body’s systems.

If you have a cold, recipes like chicken noodle soup, probiotic yogurt, hot ginger or green tea with honey, and cold refreshing foods like fruits or smoothies can help comfort your symptoms, support your gut and immunity, and hydrate your body. 

Use cold-fighting ingredients! Including antiviral and cold-fighting herbs and ingredients in your cooking like rosemary, thyme, oregano, turmeric, garlic, onion, and medicinal mushrooms can help balance your immune system and promote a healthy immune and gut environment. 

Over-the-Counter Cold Medicine

OTC cold medicine can suppress symptoms, but they may also delay your complete recovery. One study found that while antihistamines and decongestants can mildly be effective for adults and older children, they do not help relieve cold symptoms in younger children at all.And, in the people who took over the counter cold medicine where they felt relief, it’s unclear if the benefits provided outweighed the potential side effects. 

Side effects of over-the-counter cold medicine include:

  • dehydration  
  • headache 
  • nausea 
  • dry mouth 
  • digestive issues  

Instead of just suppressing and numbing cold symptoms, or causing side-effects that only make the virus worse, you need to nourish your immune system and your body with actual support to help fight off infections and protect and prevent illness from happening.  

Natural Immune Support Supplements

For extra natural support in fighting off a cold or cold symptoms, functional mushrooms can be taken to support your immunity. Functional mushrooms are rich sources of powerful beneficial compounds that train and balance immune function to give the correct immune responses and defenses that protect your overall health.

MycoPhyto is an intensive mushroom immune support supplement containing 6 varieties of functional mushrooms, grown on a blend of immune-supportive herbs to give you powerful immune benefits. MycoPhyto delivers support and defense against occasional colds and flus, and helps to keep you healthy and energized throughout the year.* With complete immune support, you get more energy, support healthy digestion, and detoxify the body of any virus or toxin that puts your health at risk.



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The Best Defense Against a Cold

We all want to find better ways to help prevent, and if necessary, get over a cold quickly. With these lifestyle tips, you can stay safe and protect you and your family's immunity and health. With extra immune support with MycoPhyto, you’ll educate your body to respond and protect you from whatever life throws at you.