Healthy Weight Loss Tips: Balance Your Glucose Levels (And Why It Matters)

Healthy Weight Loss Tips:  Balance Your Glucose Levels (And Why It Matters)

While counting calories, or paying attention to the amount of food you eat every day can help with weight loss goals, they’re not the only factors that affect losing pounds (especially if you want the weight loss to stick). What’s more important is the type of calories—and how your body uses them based on your own unique makeup and biochemistry.  

It all comes down to glucose, aka blood sugar, and how it’s processed by your body. Balancing blood sugar is the most critical part of achieving your healthy weight goals.  

What is Glucose?

Glucose (or blood sugar) gives your body energy, and is the main source of sugar found in the blood. Your glucose levels tell your body when it’s time to refuel, impacts how you feel daily, and can influence hunger when your levels drop. When balanced, it can optimize your metabolism, and help you achieve healthy weight loss.

Glucose, our source of energy, gets formed when we digest carbohydrates, or sugars. People digest sugars differently depending on different factors that relate to their overall metabolic health. This impacts glucose levels and ultimately how you feel.

Glucose levels are why we experience sugar rushes and crashes, and our bodies and minds feel the impact. When you eat a piece of candy or a sugary snack, you may get a quick burst or sugar rush, but you most likely feel hungry and tired after the initial boost of energy. That’s because processed or refined sugars cause your blood sugar levels to rise fast, digesting the sugars too quickly.

When you have a natural or healthier carb choice instead like brown rice or quinoa, your body needs more time to process and digest, which allows the sugar to be released into your bloodstream slowly. This slow release gives you more consistent and sustainable energy, and helps you avoid rushes, crashes, and cravings.

When the body is stressed, or we need to produce energy faster, the body breaks down glucose extremely fast, which spikes insulin, a hormone which regulates the amount of glucose in the blood. High levels of blood sugar can have harmful impacts to the body, like damaging the immune system, circulatory system, and hormone balance, and put you at risk for diabetes.  

For healthy weight loss, sustainable energy, metabolism, and overall health, you need to not only balance your blood sugar, but your insulin levels too.

Does Insulin Impact Weight Loss?

When it comes to glucose levels, you’ve probably heard of insulin which plays a key role in glucose balance, healthy weight management, and metabolic health. Insulin is the critical player in the process of allowing your cells take in the glucose that’s circulating in your bloodstream, so they can convert it into energy. But if you’re inactive, sitting, or sleeping, your body doesn’t need the extra energy from the glucose you consumed and instead, insulin tells your body to store it, and it goes right to your fat cells.  

Eventually, this can lead to cells becoming more “insulin resistant” meaning they don’t respond to insulin’s signals for letting glucose in—which leaves more glucose in the bloodstream, and ultimately leads to more fat storage and weight gain. The secret to achieving a healthy weight, metabolism and your best body functions, is to stabilize blood sugar and insulin levels. By balancing blood sugar and insulin, your body can turn off the fat-storing mode and activate the fat burning mode needed for healthy and sustainable weight loss.  

Signs You May Have a Glucose Imbalance

How do you know if you need to balance your blood sugar? These symptoms may be signs that your glucose levels are imbalanced: 

  • Energy crashes – If you frequently crash after a meal or feel fatigued and exhausted, your body has processed glucose too fast. This can lead to a crash that can wipe out your energy.  
  • Dry mouth or deep thirst after eating – When you’re not eating healthy sugars or a balanced diet, every part of your body feels it. Eating high amounts of sugary, unhealthy foods and can leave you feeling dehydrated and craving water after eating. 
  • Sugar cravings—When cells become more resistant to insulin, it doesn’t mean they don’t need glucose. It means their ability to take in the glucose has become damaged. This can starve your cells of the sugar they need to produce energy, and cause more sugar cravings. 
  • Excess belly fat—Your body’s waist circumference is a primary indicator of metabolic health, and how your body is using glucose. Anything over 40 inches for men and 35 inches for women is a sign your body needs help managing blood sugar levels.  
  • Moodiness—When your body doesn’t regulate glucose well, you get spikes followed by crashes that can lead to sudden “hangry” moments (hungry and angry). Balanced blood sugar levels will help your mood, hunger and energy stay steady and stable through the day. 

How to Balance Blood Sugar For Weight Loss

To feel our best, create the energy we need, and reach weight loss goals, your blood sugar needs to be balanced, and stable. Besides reducing sudden hunger, balancing blood glucose levels can help you look your best too. Having a diet full of protein, healthy fats, vegetables, and fiber will help you balance and stabilize your energy and sugar levels, especially between meals. With the right diet and healthy lifestyle, you can improve insulin function, optimize your metabolism, and balance glucose for healthy weight loss.  

The Best Supplements for a Healthy Metabolism and Weight Management

Everyone can benefit from metabolism support. Besides what you eat in your diet, there are natural, powerful botanicals, antioxidants and super-nutrients that support balanced blood sugar and healthy fat storage.  

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Achieving—and sustaining—healthy weight, energy, and metabolism doesn’t have to involve cutting calories and depriving yourself of your favorite foods. With the right balance and support, you can keep blood sugar levels stable, prevent energy crashes, and look and feel your best every day.