How to Detox from Glyphosate 

How to Detox from Glyphosate 

Have you heard of glyphosate? Herbicide glyphosate is the most widely used pesticide in the world, even though more countries and local governments are starting to ban the use of this highly toxic and controversial chemical. Research on glyphosate shows how glyphosate may be linked and cause harmful impacts to our health, including influencing cellular regulation, reproductive issues, gut health issues, immune imbalances, and other serious concerns.1  

Despite health concerns, glyphosate is still used throughout the United States on our crops and produce, and then lands on our grocery shelves. When ingested, glyphosate can get stored in the body. Glyphosate actually tricks your body into storing it, because its molecular structure is very similar to the essential amino acid glycine.

The body mistakes glyphosate for glycine, and can absorb it into vulnerable organs and tissues. Human blood, urine, and even breast milk samples have all shown unsafe levels of this toxin and pesticide. Even if you eat organic foods, you can still be exposed to glyphosate by cross-contamination, and your risk of health damage increases.  

How to Naturally Detox from Glyphosate

To safely detoxify glyphosate, and prevent it from being stored in your body, there are a handful of natural detox binding agents and ingredients that can offer critical support and defense, while also benefiting areas of the body most vulnerable to glyphosate—like the gut.   

Powerful natural detox binders work because they have unique structures that absorb and trap glyphosate and other pesticides and environmental toxins, and allow the body to eliminate them. These natural detox ingredients also act as prebiotic fibers to nourish good bacteria and strengthen the gut wall and enhance gut barrier function, for a healthy, balanced GI environment.   

Natural Pesticide Detox Ingredients

Fulvic AcidFulvic acid is a powerful detox and health promoting ingredient that contains a broad spectrum of nutrients and compounds that support healthy microbiome balance. Fulvic acid enhances detoxification attracting and binding toxins and free radicals,for safe elimination. Fulvic acid is excellent for gut health as it works to increase nutrient absorption, supply beneficial bacteria, and support healthy inflammation responses in the gut.2 

Regular (Unmodified) Citrus Pectin—This form of citrus pectin is not PectaSol Modified Citrus Pectin. Instead, it’s a large molecular weight, unmodified form of citrus pectin. The large molecular size means it will stay in the gut, rather than absorbing into the circulation. Pectin is a powerful natural detox ingredient that absorbs toxins and safely removes them. Pectin is also a potent prebiotic that nourishes beneficial microbes for optimal gut health. Regular pectin targets excess cholesterol, pesticides, heavy metals and other toxins in the GI tract.3 

AlginatesAlginates are special fibers from kelp seaweed that support detoxification with their powerful binding abilities. Alginate supplements safely detoxify heavy metals, pesticides, radioactive ions, and other pollutants from the GI tract. Alginates help prevent pesticide and toxin accumulation and reabsorptionthrough the gut wall, while binding and eliminating a broad range of harmful toxins.4,5 

GlycineGlycine is an essential amino acid for detox and gut function. Glycine works to support antioxidant activity and boost levels of master antioxidant glutathione. It also supports liver detoxification, digestive enzyme production, and promotes healthy gut wall integrity. Since glyphosate mimics glycine to trick the body into storing it, supplementing with extra glycine can help prevent storage of glyphosate.6-8 

KelpSeaweeds are important detox ingredients. Brown kelp seaweed is especially high in compounds that help absorb toxins, and supports a healthy gut wall and optimal microbiome balance.Organic kelp contains essential minerals such as iodine to prevent toxins and radioactive ions from being absorbed into the thyroid gland. 

Glyphosate and Pesticide Detox Supplements

For a daily solution for natural glyphosate and pesticide detox, GlyphoDetox is a natural detoxification supplement with a blend of detox binding ingredients to keep your gut clean and healthy and defend against pesticide damage. Adding two capsules of this detox supplement to your daily routine will give you complete defense against pesticides like glyphosate, and protect your long-term health.

GlyphoDetox is a powerful gut cleansing supplement, and the first pesticide detox and defense formula of its kind to specifically remove glyphosate and block pesticide storage in organs and tissues.*   




The first supplement of its kind to actively detox and defend against pesticides, GlyphoDetox promotes gut health and nutrition with powerful antioxidants and essential detox nutrients.

With a powerful blend of Fulvic Acid, glycine, alginates, citrus pectin, and kelp, this natural pesticide detox supplement delivers advanced detox and defense against pesticides and other agricultural and environmental toxins. 

Exposure to pesticides, including glyphosate, is impossible to avoid altogether. With powerful natural daily detox ingredients, you can stay healthy and keep these toxins from building up in your body—and harming your long-term health. 



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