Uranium Detox: PectaClear® Reduces Levels of Uranium from the Body

Uranium Detox: PectaClear® Reduces Levels of Uranium from the Body

First clinical study to show supplement addresses uranium exposure

Human exposure to heavy metals and radioactive elements like naturally occurring uranium is on the rise due to a resurgence in mining operations, ongoing pollution from nuclear waste sites, and leaching from natural deposits. In the United States, elevated levels of uranium are found primarily in the Southwestern states, as well as other areas including Wyoming and Colorado, with common exposure being from contaminated food and water from surrounding environments.

What are the side effects of uranium exposure?

The health effects of uranium remain the subject of ongoing research and investigation, with a growing body of data indicating the need for effective health interventions following environmental exposure to this radioactive metal. Health impacts of uranium exposure include nephrotoxicity, carcinogenicity, genotoxicity, diminished bone growth, developmental and reproductive defects, respiratory diseases, and more.

First-of-its-kind published clinical study in uranium detoxification

In this clinical case study, the supplement PectaClear® was shown to increase fecal excretion and detoxification of uranium in a family facing chronic, low-level environmental exposure in their Arizona community. PectaClear® is a clinically researched combination of the heavy metal detox supplement, PectaSolmodified citrus pectin (MCP), together with low viscosity sodium alginate. This natural detox formula has been shown in previously published clinical data to safely lower body burden of mercury, lead, arsenic, and other toxic metals.*

This new clinical study is the first data ever published to demonstrate the efficacy of a dietary supplement in reducing levels of uranium from the body.

Protect Yourself: Important Findings on Uranium Detoxification

In this study, PectaClear® promoted fecal excretion of uranium in all subjects, representing a reduction of uranium absorbed primarily through diet. Participants included: a 41-year-old father, a 39-year-old mother, 13- and 12-year-old sons, and 9- and 8-year-old daughters, all of whom ingested three capsules of PectaClear® twice daily, away from meals, for 6 weeks.

Urine and feces were tested at baseline, 6-days, and 6-weeks post-supplementation. Participants continued the supplement after the initial 6-week intervention for another 6 weeks, followed by additional fecal analysis before stopping the supplement, and a final collection after a 6-week washout period.

Results of this study demonstrate fecal excretion of uranium was increased at 6 days, and this persisted at 6 weeks. After a post-treatment period of 6 weeks, a decrease in fecal excretion of uranium was found in 5 of 6 participants. The supplement did not produce any adverse effects and was well-tolerated.

These findings mirror previous published research demonstrating that both pectins and alginates are effective for absorption of uranium in polluted water. This new study is important as it highlights the ability of clinically researched PectaClear to support health in the face of being chronically exposed to uranium.



Clinically proven PectaClear blends PectaSol Modified Citrus Pectin with alginates from kelp to provide powerful heavy metal detoxification and defense against toxin reabsorption.