PectaSol® Enhances Radiotherapy for Prostate Cellular Health

PectaSol® Enhances Radiotherapy for Prostate Cellular Health | ecoNugenics
A study published July 2018 shows PectaSol Modified Citrus Pectin sensitizes prostate cell lines to ionizing radiation, by downregulating galectin-3, modulating DNA repair pathways, and increasing reactive oxygen species production.*
PectaSol was also shown to reduce invasive cell behavior. Research was performed at the Laboratory of Herbal Medicine and Cancer Research, Institute of Oncology, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, and the University of Tel Aviv.*
Results of this study demonstrate the importance of PectaSol as a safe and effective adjuvant supplement to promote prostate cellular health. Importantly, this is the first published study to show PectaSol enhances the effects of radiotherapy for prostate cellular health, further substantiating the powerful synergistic benefits of this simple, natural ingredient. Previous synergistic studies demonstrate PectaSol enhances both conventional and integrative protocols for cellular health, immune support, increased antioxidant activity and other areas.*
Because of its unique ability to block the effects of galectin-3, PectaSol is increasingly studied for broad-spectrum actions supporting our most critical areas of health.*


PectaSol is the most advanced and effective Modified Citrus Pectin available. Over 60 published studies show PectaSol delivers unparalleled support for total-body health and aging, with critical benefits to key organs and systems.*

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