Protecting Your Skin from the Inside Out

Protecting Your Skin from the Inside Out

Antioxidant-rich botanicals are the key to healthy skin

In the face of sun exposure or other environmental assaults, antioxidants—particularly those found in certain botanicals—provide powerful support for skin health. Fascinating studies continue to show how antioxidant and nutrient-dense foods like brightly colored fruits and vegetables, powerful botanical extracts, and sprouted grains and legumes, can protect skin against sun damage and support a healthier complexion.

One article published on April 2018 in Frontiers in Pharmacology named pure honokiol as a top strategic ingredient to support skin during sun exposure.

Pure Honokiol, the ingredient featured in ecoNugenics’ HonoPure®, is highly regarded for its antioxidant activities and ability to optimize healthy gene expression, among other powerful benefits. The broad-spectrum actions of HonoPure pure honokiol make it an excellent choice for supporting healthy skin, as well as other key areas of health, year round.*



A powerful, versatile extract that provides a broad-spectrum of critical benefits for neurological function, oncology support, and other key areas of health.*

Padma Basic Promotes Healthy Collagen Formation

Padma Basic is another antioxidant-rich supplement, shown in over 30 published studies to offer a diverse range of benefits, including support for healthy skin. The botanical ingredients in Padma Basic are high in antioxidant compounds including polyphenols, bioflavonoids and essential oils that work together to promote robust immunity, optimal circulation, healthy cellular function, and other critical areas of health.*

One preclinical study published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology, showed that Padma Basic actively promotes healthy collagen formation, highlighting its benefits as an effective skin health supplement.*

Cooling Down Your Diet

It’s also essential for optimal skin health to avoid inflammatory foods like sugar, trans-fats, refined carbohydrates, and other highly processed ingredients. These foods wreak havoc throughout the body, disrupting cellular signals, damaging DNA and fueling inflammation. This weakens your skin’s defenses against environmental damage, including UV sun exposure.

Most of us need a moderate amount of sun to create vitamin D, however, it’s just as essential to avoid spending hours under UV rays without adequate sun protection factor (SPF). With targeted antioxidants, and a nutrient-dense diet, we can enhance our skin and overall health, and safely enjoy the long summer days.


Padma Basic

A clinically-proven herbal supplement based on a classical Tibetan formula, shown in over 50 published studies to provide comprehensive support for cardiovascular, immune and other key areas of health.*