Pure Honokiol: A Powerful Tool for Health

Pure Honokiol: A Powerful Tool for Health

Quite often, the most powerful natural solutions come from unexpected sources. Take pain medicine from willow tree bark, or incredible immune training power from the caterpillar-eating fungus, cordyceps, for example.

Honokiol extract is another natural source with powerful total-body health benefits.

What is honokiol?

Derived from the bark of the Magnolia officinalis tree, honokiol extract is a highly active polyphenol compound that promotes healthy total-body function and benefits and supports your long-term wellness. Magnolia bark is a staple in Traditional Chinese herbal formulas, used for its powerful neurological and wellness benefits. Pure honokiol is the most powerful active compound found in magnolia bark, with hundreds of published studies showing the many health benefits including promoting brain health, maintaining healthy body and cell function, relaxation effects, and more. That’s why many holistic health practitioners are calling it “The Swiss Army Knife” of integrative health, as it’s become a staple and natural agent for addressing critical areas of health and promoting total-body wellness.  

Ultimately, pure honokiol is one of our greatest natural ingredients, with proven neurological and total-body health benefits Read more to learn the benefits of pure honokiol magnolia extract.  


What are the benefits of pure honokiol?

There are many health benefits to taking pure honokiol extract. Honokiol benefits include balancing mood and stress, healthy inflammation response, better sleep and relaxation, support for your cells, and more. Here are the powerful health benefits of honokiol extract and taking pure honokiol supplements.  

Pure Honokiol for Natural Mood and Stress Support

One of pure honokiol’s most well-known benefits is supporting relaxation and a clear mind. A number of health studies have shown how honokiol extract naturally supports a sense of calm, helps balance stress responses, and promotes relaxation. These effects can be associated in part with the unique ability of honokiol to cross the blood-brain barrier and modulate the activity of GABA, a neurotransmitter that has a role in promoting calm and a healthy mood. Pure honokiol is also shown to support balanced cortisol levels, which helps stabilize your energy, mood, and inflammation responses.1,2

Honokiol for Sleep Support

Honokiol extract is an all-natural, healthy sleep support supplement that has powerful natural calming and sleep rejuvenating benefits. Because honokiol interacts with GABA receptors, it is shown to support natural relaxation and restful sleep including deep, reparative sleep. Specifically, honokiol is shown to promote non-rapid eye movement NREM sleep. NREM is the deepest sleep cycle where your body repairs and rebuilds tissues, strengthens immunity, and more. As we age, cycles of deep, NREM sleep become shorter and lighter. Honokiol is a powerful solution to support optimal reparative sleep for people of all ages.3


Pure Honokiol Extract Promotes Healthy Inflammation Response

Inflammation impacts our immune and repair functions, causing aches, painful joints and fatigued muscles, and effecting our overall health. Pure honokiol extract can help promote a healthy inflammation response throughout the body and support healthy immunity. Honokiol has also shown to support muscle tissue and promote recovery after intense exercise, by addressing inflammation that occurs from over-activity.4 In studies of joint health, skin and gut health, honokiol demonstrates significant inflammation-balancing effects. Research shows that honokiol supports healthy inflammation response in the brain by inhibiting overactive microglia (specialized brain immune cells).   

Honokiol For Healthy Cells  

Perhaps one of pure honokiol extract’s most important benefits is its ability to support cellular health, including the ability to regulate cellular behavior and gene expression. One study showed that honokiol extract has a powerful impact on pancreatic cells. That same research showed that honokiol synergizes with conventional approaches to cellular health to promote healthy colon, oncology, and other areas of total-body cell function.5 

Honokiol Fights Oxidative Stress

Like so many other biological processes, oxidation in small amounts is helpful, but in excess it’s something we need to avoid. Aberrant molecules called free radicals disrupt cell function and even impact DNA. Oxidative stress and a build-up of free radicals in the body can harm your cells, tissues and organs, by fueling the inflammation process, impairing natural detox functions, triggering immune imbalances, and robbing you of your energy. Fortunately, as shown in published research, honokiol extract can clear the body of free radicals and neutralize oxidative stress.6 

Healthy Antioxidant Activity

Pure honokiol has powerful antioxidant actions to defend cells against oxidative stress and support optimal cellular and mitochondrial function. In fact, honokiol’s antioxidant abilities are shown to be 1,000 times higher than vitamin E, a well-known free radical scavenger. Honokiol delivers pure and potent antioxidant support to neutralize free radicals and prevent oxidative stress from speeding up the aging process. Importantly, studies have found that honokiol health benefits include reducing the reactive oxygen that affects brain health, promoting a clearer, calmer mind and healthy antioxidant activity.7  

Additional health benefits of honokiol include promoting a healthy heart and blood pressure, balancing and promoting a healthy microbiome, and cellular regulation for breast, prostate, colon and more. Other research shows honokiol actively defends healthy liver and kidney function via direct immune and healthy inflammatory support.8,9 

Pure Honokiol for Oncology Nutritional Support

Pure honokiol is shown in multiple studies to provide nutritional support during conventional oncology protocols. Honokiol delivers powerful benefits for healthy cell function and gene expression, making it a foundational ingredient for oncology nutritional support and long-term cellular health.10,11*

What are the Best Pure Honokiol Supplements?

When it comes to finding effective honokiol extract supplements, purity and concentration matters. While the studies mentioned address a variety of honokiol’s health benefits, they have one thing in common: the honokiol extract used was the most concentrated and powerful form available.  

This is an incredibly important distinction in choosing honokiol supplements, because many products like “magnolia bark extract” may contain honokiol, but it isn't pure. Instead, it’s combined with other compounds, namely Magnolol, which may interfere with honokiol’s effectiveness. The best way to get the powerful benefits of honokiol is to take pure honokiol extract supplements.  

What's the difference between honokiol extract and magnolia bark extract?

Pure honokiol extract and magnolia bark extract are not created equal. Pure honokiol is the most powerful and active compound extracted from magnolia bark. While magnolia bark extract may be cheaper in price, it’s because it is not as powerful, and actually an inferior product, containing only a small amount of the natural pure honokiol, together with other lesser compounds. Pure honokiol is much more potent and effective than magnolia bark extract and has extensive published research that prove how it benefits our most critical areas of health.

Pure Honokiol Supplement

ecoNugenics recommends HonoPure®. HonoPure is a physician-formulated honokiol extract supplement made of 98% pure honokiol, extracted from Magnolia officinalis bark using a supercritical CO2 process, for the highest purity and potency honokiol available.* 

This pure honokiol extract supplement provides remarkable calming benefits including brain and stress support, relaxation and healthy mood, cellular regulation, and more.*  

Find greater peace and clarity with calming mood support with HonoPure.



A powerful, versatile extract that provides a broad-spectrum of critical benefits for neurological function, oncology support, and other key areas of health.*

Honokiol Supplement Reviews:  

“I found that my sleep was deeper beginning with the first night of taking HonoPure.” - Stephanie H.

“I like to use this product at night prior to going to sleep. It helps with relaxation and getting a better night’s rest.” - James L.  

“I bought This supplement mainly for relaxation. Taking 1 capsules before going to bed help me to fall asleep peaceful. It works beyond expectations.” -Elisabetta A.

"This was recommended to me by a nurse practitioner, and it is now my go-to supplement sleep aid above melatonin. This calms my mind down and gets me to sleep. I feel so refreshed the next morning." - VIch

Honokiol Supplement Benefits

Honopure honokiol extract supplement is an extensively researched, highly active extract purified from Magnolia officinalis bark. This honokiol supplement has been found to provide health benefits for total-body relation and overall wellness.

Key benefits of HonoPure honokiol supplement include:

Relaxation and sleep*: HonoPure pure honokiol supplement promotes optimal GABA activity in the brain to support healthy relaxation and deep, restful sleep. 

Cognitive wellness*: Honopure honokiol supplement promotes support and defense for brain and cognitive function, a balanced stress response, and healthy mood. 

Cellular regulation*: Hundreds of published studies shows pure honokiol delivers powerful benefits for cells and healthy gene expression and activity. HonoPure contains the highest potency and purity of honokiol extract available to support long-term health and healthy cells.  

Highest Purity and Potency Honokiol Extract Available

With 25+ years of clinical and research experience, Dr. Isaac Eliaz is a multi-faceted, integrative practitioner who offers a unique, holistic approach to health and healing. Dr. Eliaz’s formulas have been extensively validated in the scientific literature, demonstrating benefits for our most critical areas of health.  

“HonoPure was created with the intention to deliver natural calming and relaxation benefits, with powerful neurological effects that help individuals feel their best everyday. “

- Dr. Eliaz, ecoNugenics Founder and Formulator



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