What is Glyphosate and How Does It Impact Your Health?

What is Glyphosate and How Does It Impact Your Health?

The health impacts of glyphosate have become impossible to ignore. A growing number of lawsuits have been served to the manufacturer of the most widely used pesticide in the US, stating glyphosate as the cause of serious health issues. And, independent research continues to raise concerns on the health risks and effects of this highly toxic weed killer, glyphosate. We all know pesticides are dangerous and we need to take steps to protect our health. Here’s what to know if you use pesticides and glyphosate, and the impacts on your body. 

What is Glyphosate?

Glyphosate is the most widely used pesticide in America. Sold as a weed killer in both commercial agriculture and consumer markets, glyphosate is also sprayed on crops as a “desiccant” just prior to harvesting as a way to dry them out and make processing easier and more efficient. A staggering 9.4 million tons of glyphosate have been used worldwide between 1994-2014 alone, posing a public health issue that many countries are taking seriously. 

Health Risks of Glyphosate

From cellular abnormalities to reproductive risks, glyphosate is linked in numerous published studies to some of today’s serious health concerns— and these risks rise with increased exposure. One of the areas where glyphosate is showing serious and widespread impacts is in the gut and microbiome. Glyphosate disrupts key metabolic pathways in good bacteria, effectively killing off healthy gut flora. Glyphosate can cause imbalances in gut bacteria and promote the growth of unhealthy flora, an issue known as gut dysbiosis. 

Gluten sensitivity and leaky gut are other areas where glyphosate may be linked. Many experts believe that glyphosate used heavily on wheat in the U.S. has led to a spike in gluten intolerance. Glyphosate also depletes your body of essential minerals and nutrients, and impairs detoxification and other metabolic functions. 

Glyphosate is also shown to trigger cellular abnormalities, and even reproductive harm. The long-term consequences of this toxic chemical are just beginning to be understood.1  

How to Protect Yourself From Glyphosate

If you try to eat organic foods to avoid pesticides and glyphosate, unfortunately, organic produce and foods can still harbor pesticides from neighboring farms, or other forms of cross-contamination. How can you protect yourself from pesticide and glyphosate impacts?  

For starters, if you live on or near a farm or agricultural area where pesticides are often used, always wash your hands thoroughly and any clothing that may have been exposed. When you buy produce and groceries at the grocery store, make sure to wash produce, and consider switching to organic foods, though there is still a risk as these foods can be cross-contaminated. Glyphosate is often sprayed on ingredients before they are used in packaged foods as well to dry out the foods for harvesting. Foods that contain wheat, oatmeal, cereals, and pastas have been found to contain glyphosate. Switching to a whole foods diet and prioritizing organic ingredients can help you limit your risk.

Glyphosate and Pesticide Detox Supplements

Natural ingredients and detox binders in supplements can safely remove pesticides, including glyphosate, from the body and defend against their long-term impacts. With ingredients like organic kelp, fulvic acid, and pectin, you can safely remove toxins and pesticides, and support a healthy gut and greater energy. 

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