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"Rarely does a doctor suggest an over-the-counter supplement to a patient; typically, it's all about prescriptions. I've been incorporating PectaSol and ProstaCaid into my routine for the past three months, and the impact is undeniable. Not only has the frequency of my urination improved, but I also find myself rarely waking up at night to pee.
When my doctor shared my supplement plan, I was taken aback to see PectaSol. His response? 'How can you argue with 80+ studies? The data speaks for itself.' To all the men reading this, whether you're dealing with prostate issues or not, I strongly urge you to consistently incorporate these products into your regimen, just as I have. The results are tangible, and I believe you'll become a believer too."

A Shocking Clinical Trial:

Prostate Patients: “90% Success With PectaSol® Supplement …” — THIS New Study Changes Everything

It’s hard to put into words just how important this is. For Americans. For men everywhere. And anyone with a pulse.

Because even if someone doesn’t suffer from prostate cancer or issues, the odds are they know multiple men who do or will.

1 in 8 men will get Prostate Cancer in their life. Just this year in the U.S. alone, it’s estimated that over 250,000 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer.

And over 30,000 will die in America in 2023 because of it. It’s the most common cancer for men, along with skin cancer. But the news being announced today has doctors celebrating everywhere.

Clark Bartram - My PectaSol Story

For many years (decades), the treatments for prostate cancer have been very limited — Surgery, Chemo, or Hormone Therapy.

And unless they’ve been living under a rock, folks are well aware of the side effects of invasive surgery or chemo.

Hormone Therapy is where doctors try to starve the cancer by blocking testosterone, which the cancer needs to survive.

Simply put: It’s all painful. It’s all risky. It’s all tough.

That’s why a recent study is making waves … well, it’s more like a tsunami.


A Shocking Clinical Trial:

A Shocking Clinical Trial:

All-Natural Supplement Shows Promise For Prostate Health

In 1995, a fiber extracted from the peels of citrus fruits was discovered to help with some of the most difficult health issues.

The name of it? Modified Citrus Pectin. 

Study after study proved it was the real deal.

And those studies culminated in the breakthrough trial that’s making headlines today: demonstrating through peer-reviewed data that Modified Citrus Pectin could be a gamechanger for prostate function and long-term health.

And since most conventional solutions for prostate issues come with many side effects, this is a big deal.

There’s one brand of Modified Citrus Pectin has been researched far more than any other — PectaSol®

Which led to now …

PectaSol’s Largest Prostate Clinical Study To Date

As you know, this recently published clinical trial on PectaSol reveals important information for men with aggressive prostate concerns.

These results, from that 18-month phase II multi-oncology center clinical trial were presented at the American Society for Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Genitourinary Cancer Symposium and published online in the Journal of Clinical Oncology in February 2023.

And while most folks may not think this is a huge deal …

The importance of a natural supplement being studied in a multi-oncology center clinical trial — not to mention PUBLISHED in a major medical journal — is an absolute breakthrough.

New Multi-Center Clinical Study:

PectaSol Provides Oncological Nutritional Support for Prostate Health

Published August 2023 in the journal Nutrients, final results demonstrate that PectaSol®:

  • Promotes healthy PSA levels

  • Actively supports and defends prostate cellular health

  • Works without interfering with hormones*

  • Does not cause debilitating side effects the way conventional treatments can do*

“This peer-reviewed clinical study is the third and largest published clinical trial showing PectaSol is safe and effective as a non-hormonal, oncological nutritional solution to support and defend prostate health.”


PectaSol dose: 4.8 grams, 3 times daily

90% of participants showed beneficial response

A Solution Without Side Effects?

Again, something that’s quite remarkable …

PectaSol® Modified Citrus Pectin does not cause the same debilitating side effects that other conventional prostate solutions can cause.

In the rare case, a few folks mentioned slight digestive bloating or gas, but these were mild, resolved quickly, and were considered non-issues.

And when it comes to treatments for something as serious as prostate issues, having minimal side effects is almost unheard of.

To put that in perspective …

Common side effects of the popular hormone treatments for prostate difficulties are rough:

Loss of bone density, fractures, feeling weak with lower muscle mass, blood sugar issues, cholesterol problems … the list goes on and on.

But after 80+ published studies on PectaSol and decades of clinical success… it’s shown to be one of the safest supplements and health solutions available.

Why We Need Non-Hormonal Prostate Strategies

As revealed earlier, this is vitally needed right now …

Most mainstream and even natural solutions for prostate health use hormonal mechanisms to bring down testosterone levels — this is called Androgen Deprivation Therapy and it’s got an ugly side.

This type of hormone therapy works at the start … but also comes with some rather scary side effects. And one that’s kept doctors in a terrified frenzy searching for an alternative treatment …

Hormonal therapy can alter the normal function of a man’s prostate, resulting in more aggressive prostate issues that no longer respond to hormonal treatments after time.

Which makes the results of PectaSol so much more vital.

PectaSol does not interrupt the healthy function of hormones in the prostate.

IMPORTANT: PectaSol has been shown to work well on its own or as a supporting supplement in combination with conventional strategies.*

How Big Of A Deal Is This?

It’s obvious by now how crucial PectaSol is to those afflicted with prostate concerns.

With the 80+ published studies and most recent research proving its prostate benefits, it stands out in clear contrast to the invasive approaches that can sometimes come with lifelong side effects …

Things like weight gain, decreased libido, osteoporosis, fatigue, depression, muscle loss … and much more.

No one wants to spend the rest of their life dealing with those side effects.

Is PectaSol Now A Mainstream Solution?

Well …

Judging by this latest research and all the fanfare from American doctors in 2023 … it certainly seems like it’s headed that way.

Alone or as an adjunct for conventional protocols, it's showing results that researchers only dreamed of.

And what’s even better?

Americans don’t need a prescription for PectaSol — it’s an all natural supplement available to anyone who needs it.

And for those wondering … a man doesn’t need prostate issues to benefit from PectaSol.

Dozens of studies have shown that it may help defend against future prostate issues, with a long list of added benefits for maintaining good health in a person’s daily life.*

It’s clear why medical doctors are making such a big deal about this!

*Modified Citrus Pectin: The (Older) Man’s New Best Friend?

Men as young as their 30s can start dealing with prostate issues.

The rates go much higher into the 40s, 50s, and up.

Thanks to increased public awareness, more men are taking their health into their own hands to continue to function at a high level as they age.

And one of the biggest “health secrets” that’s slowly grown in popularity over the last 2 decades is taking PectaSol in an effort to help address the issues that could lead to prostate problems.

As a low cost natural supplement, it’s been an easy investment for men to make in their future.

Proven, Safe, Affordable*—
PectaSol: Modified Citrus Pectin

Few supplements have as much research and results as PectaSol.

With even more studies coming out on it, it could just be a matter of time before it becomes a staple for aging men.

And since it can be used to maximize long-term health, or potentially defend against future issues from forming, it’s long been considered a perfect daily supplement for continued good health.*

Since it doesn’t need a prescription, and it’s one of the most affordable, research-backed solutions available, it’s become quite popular for everyday Americans.

“Have been using PectaSol as a primary supplement to maintain PSA. PectaSol has been able to stabilize my PSA between 6 to 7 and allows active surveillance to continue. Very pleased with this product


PectaSol Benefits

Studies show that PectaSol ...




With ongoing studies and results coming out every year, PectaSol Modified Citrus Pectin continues to play an essential role for aging men and prostate issues.*

See What Others Have To Say About PectaSol

"My PSA started rising quickly. I had a PET scan that confirmed I had prostate cancer. I began taking Pectosol and my PSA stabilized. My doctors are perplexed but encourage me to keep doing what I’m doing. They are now in no rush to administer conventional treatment."


"I’ve had Prostate Cancer for over 17 years now & have been taking this since I’ve received Chemo. Every morning it’s the first thing I do. It keeps me regular even with some of the strong medications I take. I wouldn’t think of doing without it."


"I have been using PectaSol Powder for about 10 years. I mix it in a cup of Pomegranate Juice and this has done wonders for my prostate. Not only has my prostate been restored in good general health in all respects, but my earlier diagnosis of minor prostate cancer has totally slowed development of the cancer."


"I have used the product for many years. It seems to help maintain prostate health as well as overall wellness. I try not to run out."


"It works. After having 'something' found on my husband's prostate, Pectasol C seemed a good thing to try. He didn't want the alternatives after seeing the problems that friends were having with the treatment, like incontinence. After 6 years with no symptoms, he's still taking it."


"This product makes me feel strong. Not sure why But when I run out, I notice it. Been taking it for years. Started with a recommendation from my naturpath while I was fighting prostate cancer."


Try It For 30 Days: 100% Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee

Since PectaSol is one of the safest supplements that’s been tested, and the results have been consistently amazing for over 2 decades, the company that manufactures it backs it up with a Risk Free Guarantee.

Take it each morning for 30 days. See what thousands of Americans are raving about and why so many doctors recommend it in 2023.

If you don’t love the way you feel, and you don’t see a clear improvement after 30 days, let their customer service know and they’ll immediately give a full refund — No Questions Asked!

Try PectaSol® Today For Prostate Support


To keep it as affordable as possible, they only sell it online. This means folks get it direct from the manufacturer and don’t have to pay inflated costs from retail and grocery stores. The cost of a month's supply of PectaSol is far less than missing a single day of work due to prostate issues. It’s cheaper than a single visit with most specialist doctors or prescription refill.

Improve Prostate Results With A Synergistic Advantage


For those who take their health seriously …

To get the most out of your health routine and healing journey, doctors recommend adding ProstaCaid to your daily PectaSol regimen.*

It’s a researched herbal formula shown in published clinical survey to offer support for overall prostate and urinary function.

In a clinical survey, men taking ProstaCaid reported the most significant improvements in urinary urgency and weak stream.*

What men have to say about ProstaCaid

"No more getting up at night, psa went down. Pee better and more. Thanks again for this product. It is amazing."


"I have been taking ProstaCaid for close to 15 years. During that time I had 5 biopsies on my prostate gland. The last biopsie showed no cancer on the prostate gland. I also am very active in participating in the activities that I have control over. They would include diet, exercize, and my mental health."


"Been taking it for two months and just had blood work done. The results was I went from 7.8 to 5.8. This prevents me from having radiation because the doctor said once I hit 10 I will need radiation. It works. Thank you."