Maintain Skin Health in the Face of Environmental Exposures with Antioxidants

Maintain Skin Health in the Face of Environmental Exposures with Antioxidants

Staying safe in the sun means more than just wearing sunscreen. To start, the type of sun protection you choose is critical, since many commercial brands contain synthetics like oxybenzone, homosalate and octocrylene: chemical ingredients that can disrupt your cellular health, hormone balance and harm the environment.

According to the Environmental Working Group, better natural sunscreen alternatives include zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, since they can provide moderate protection without the same hazards as other chemical sun blockers. However, tiny microscopic particles — nano-materials — in these mineral-based products still make them risky in powdered or spray-on forms, due to inhalation concerns. This is especially important to keep in mind with children.

Honokiol Extract Supports Skin Health During Sun Exposure

Over the last few years, published studies have emerged highlighting the ability of antioxidants found in certain botanicals and foods to provide additional support for skin health during sun exposure. Some studies show that eating an abundance of antioxidant and nutrient-rich foods like brightly colored fruits and vegetables, sprouted grains and legumes, healthy fats and lean protein, can help your skin protect itself against sun damage.

One recent review published April 2018 in the journal Frontiers in Pharmacology listed pure honokiol from magnolia bark as a top antioxidant supplement to support skin health during sun exposure. Because of its powerful, free radical scavenging actions and ability to promote favorable gene expression in specific areas, honokiol was named an excellent choice for supporting healthy skin against prolonged sun exposure.

EcoNugenics recommends HonoPure® 98% pure honokiol. HonoPure has powerful free radical scavenging abilities. It also supports neurological function and a healthy mood and promotes cellular health in numerous organs, including skin.*



A powerful, versatile extract that provides a broad-spectrum of critical benefits for neurological function, oncology support, and other key areas of health.*

Padma Basic Antioxidant Supplement Supports Healthy Collagen

Another excellent antioxidant supplement shown in over 30 published studies to offer a diverse range of benefits, including support for healthy skin, is Padma Basic®. The botanical ingredients in Padma Basic are high in antioxidant compounds including polyphenols, bioflavonoids and essential oils that work together to promote key areas of health.*

One pre-clinical study published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology showed that Padma Basic promotes collagen formation, suggesting its application as an effective skin health supplement.*


Padma Basic

A clinically-proven herbal supplement based on a classical Tibetan formula, shown in over 50 published studies to provide comprehensive support for cardiovascular, immune and other key areas of health.*

Inflammatory Diet Increases Sun Damage Risk

We can benefit from a moderate amount of sun exposure to create vitamin D. However, it is essential to avoid spending hours in the sun, particularly during peak times (10 AM to 4 PM). With the right sun protection,, and a nutrient-dense diet, we can stay healthy as we enjoy the long summer days.


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