Is This “Healthy” Raw Food Diet Really Good for You?

Is This “Healthy” Raw Food Diet Really Good for You?

A Fresh Look at the Raw Food Movement

While it may not be the latest health movement, the raw food diet is one that continues to gain popularity, with promises of greater health, beauty, detox, weight loss, and more.

But how healthy is a raw food diet?

What is the raw food diet?

The raw food diet consists of eating uncooked, raw, and unprocessed foods; preferably organic and plant-based ingredients. It is often referred to as “raw foodism,” the raw food diet relies on eating only or mostly (about 70%) of food that is raw.

What are the benefits of the raw food diet?

The benefits of a raw diet depend on a number of factors. For many people, though, eating 100% raw over the long term can stress digestion and may negatively impact health.

The theory behind the raw diet is that it provides an abundance of enzymes and nutrients necessary for digestion and vibrant health. Raw food enthusiasts assert that cooking food above 104° F destroys these enzymes and important nutrients, and believe the body receives optimal nourishment when food is consumed in its uncooked, unadulterated form.

Views on The Raw Food Diet

From the views of traditional Asian medicine, the raw food philosophy is not completely accurate. These traditional medical systems believethat cooking food is beneficial: It breaks down nutrients so they’re easily digestible and more bioavailable. These traditions also state that eating cooked food protects the digestive capacity (“digestive fire”) of the body, whereas raw food weakens it.

A key feature of the raw movement can be observed geographically, with a higher popularity in warmer climates (for example, Hawaii, Florida and Southern California). This is mostly due to the principles of traditional Asian medicine, where the belief is that raw foods have a “cooling” effect on the body. Someone with a lot of inflammation, or someone living in a warmer geographic area, may find better success with a raw diet due to its cooling effects. In contrast, someone who is sensitive to cold temperatures, or lives in a cold climate, may become weak if they eat exclusively raw foods for a prolonged period of time. While there may be debate or misconceptions around this trending diet, and whether cooked vs. raw foods are best, we can all benefit from eating more natural, raw, and pure ingredients in our diets.

The Raw Food Diet and The Enzyme Debate

It is important to note that with today’s diets, many people are enzyme-deficient, and heating food can destroy enzymes. That’s why even if you eat a raw food diet, and especially if you don’t, supplements that support digestive enzyme production are essential in your health routine. We all need extra digestive support, and some of us more than others.

However, many enzyme supplements are too strong, and can cause the body’s own enzyme production to slow down or stop altogether. So, it is important to find the right balance.

Finding Healthy Digestion: The Foundation of Sustainable Energy

Regardless of the type of diet you choose, supporting digestion with a small amount of natural enzymes, targeted herbs and essential nutrients can optimize health in a number of ways. *

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Which diet is best for digestion?

There isn’t one type of diet that guarantees optimal health, nor does one type of diet work for everybody. The best dietary advice is to strive for well-rounded eating habits that incorporate a balance of high quality protein, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, colorful fruits, and plenty of vegetables. By choosing the right digestive support and emphasizing nutrient-dense, unprocessed foods, you can give your body the optimal nourishment needed for long-term health and wellness.

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