The Link Between Sluggish Circulation and Heavy, Restless Legs

The Link Between Sluggish Circulation and Heavy, Restless Legs

Slow circulation can affect your whole body, from your heart and other vital organs, to your skin, immunity and much more.

But where you feel it most is in your legs. When your circulation isn’t up to speed, blood stagnates in your lower limbs. This can cause discomfort in your legs including:

  • Cramps—muscle cramps and spasms in your legs that can wake you up at night.
  • Heaviness—feeling that you need extra energy just to move your legs. 
  • Tingling—a sensation of pins and needles in the legs. 
  • Restlessness—the uncontrollable urge to move your legs and find relief. Restless legs are actually classified as a sleep problem.

These sensations and circulation symptoms can be exhausting, interfering with sleep and making it hard to exercise. Worse, they can also signal more serious circulation impacts, now… and down the road.

For optimal circulation health and longevity, your cells and organs need oxygen and nutrients, and any cellular wastes must be removed. This can only be accomplished with free-flowing blood through your entire body, achieving total-body circulation—all the way to your legs and feet.

What is Total-Body Circulation?

Total-body circulation is the movement of blood from your heart through your arteries and capillaries to organs and tissues, returning back to your heart through your veins. It’s often referred to as systemic circulation. Free-flowing, total-body circulation is essential for healthy tissues and organs throughout your body, including your:  

  • Brain – to support cognitive health, vision, and hearing  
  • Mucous membranes – to support your body’s resistance to threats  
  • Lungs – to help maintain your body’s oxygen saturation  
  • Liver – to support digestion and detoxification  
  • Heart – to support cardiac function and healthy blood pressure  
  • Kidneys – to promote healthy function and electrolyte balance  
  • Gastrointestinal tract – to support immune function, healthy digestion, and nutrient absorption
  • Skin – to help maintain protective barrier function and temperature control  

Leg cramps, heaviness, tingling, and restlessness are just some of the clues that your poor circulation needs a helping hand. The good news is there’s a clinically researched solution that can give you just that.

Recommended Circulation Supplements: Clinically Proven to Optimize Total-Body Circulation and Cardiovascular Health

Padma Basic is a powerful, natural supplement made up of 21 botanicals and minerals, based on a traditional Tibetan longevity formula. Rich in health-promoting antioxidants and phytonutrients, this heart formula has been shown in 30+ published clinical studies to deliver critical benefits for cardiovascular function and circulation, joint comfort, and other essential areas of health.*  

Published clinical research shows Padma Basic actively supports optimal leg health and mobility, with benefits that include increased walking distance and leg comfort.*1,2

My 88-year-old father uses Padma Basic every time he has pain in his legs and has a hard time walking. It always works.

Paris M.


Padma Basic

A clinically-proven herbal supplement based on a classical Tibetan formula, shown in over 50 published studies to provide comprehensive support for cardiovascular, immune and other key areas of health.*

As you age, so do your blood vessels. They become less flexible, making it harder for blood to move through them easily. This is especially true in your legs, ankles, and feet—which is how varicose veins form.

Fatty deposits called plaques also collect along your artery walls and slow the blood flow from the heart. The result of this poor circulation is that your cells, tissues, and organs don’t receive critical nutrients and are unable to wash away toxins and waste.  

Padma Basic is shown to actively promote total-body circulation by supporting:  

  • Healthy microcirculation to all cells, including in the brain*  
  • Healthy cardiovascular function*  
  • Healthy blood pressure levels*  
  • A healthy, normal inflammatory response*  
  • Healthy cholesterol levels*
  • Powerful antioxidant activity*

Powerful Support for Heart Health, Circulation, and Long-Term Wellness

Padma Basic is one of the most researched herbal formulas for cardiovascular health and circulation. With over 60 years of data and over 100 published research papers, Padma Basic delivers powerful, comprehensive benefits for optimal wellness, including:

Balanced Immune Function

Padma Basic works to support a balanced immune system, helping it respond swiftly without over-reacting.*3 

Respiratory Immune Health

Padma Basic works to promote optimal immune function in the respiratory tract, resulting in long-term benefits for respiratory health and immune cell activity.*4 

Joint Health and Comfort

Padma Basic actively promotes joint health and comfort, supporting increased mobility and quality of life.*5

Circulation is Life

Heavy, painful, restless legs can seriously impact your quality of life. But they are also signs that you can benefit from adding comprehensive clinically proven circulation support. Padma Basic gives you that, and more, helping to support whole-body health from head to toe, naturally.*



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