Detox Superfood Smoothie

Detox Superfood Smoothie

This energizing smoothie blends antioxidant-rich ingredients like oranges and spinach with healthy fats from chia seeds and avocado, providing the perfect kick-start to your day. For a protein boost, we added a serving of protein powder. You can also sub Greek yogurt (adjust nondairy milk so the smoothie is not too thin).


  • 1 orange, peeled and separated into segments

  • 1 apple or pear, cored and chopped

  • 1 tablespoon chia seeds

  • 1 cup fresh spinach leaves

  • ½ avocado

  • ½ teaspoon turmeric powder

  • 1 tablespoon raw honey or maple syrup (optional)

  • 1 serving protein powder of choice

  • 1 cup unsweetened nondairy milk of choice

  • Ice cubes (optional)


  1. In a blender, add the orange segments, chopped apple or pear, chia seeds, spinach, avocado, turmeric powder, and honey and protein powder, if using.

  2. Pour in nondairy milk, and if desired, a few ice cubes.

  3. Blend on high speed until all the ingredients are well combined and smoothie reaches a creamy consistency.

  4. Pour the smoothie into a glass or mason jar and garnish with a sprinkle of chia seeds or a slice of orange. Enjoy!

Superfood Benefits, at a Glance:


– Rich in vitamin C, which boosts immunity and supports healthy skin.

– High in fiber, aiding digestion and promoting satiety.

Apples and Pears:

– Excellent source of dietary fiber, promoting healthy digestion and regulating blood sugar levels.

– Packed with antioxidants and vitamins, supporting overall well-being.

Chia Seeds:

– Loaded with fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, and antioxidants, promoting heart health and reducing inflammation.

– Provide a feeling of fullness, aiding in weight management.


– High in iron, vitamins A and C, and antioxidants, supporting bone health and boosting the immune system.

– Rich in fiber, aiding digestion and promoting healthy skin.


– Contains healthy monounsaturated fats shown to help promote heart health and reducing cholesterol levels.

– Packed with vitamins and minerals, supporting brain function and providing a natural energy boost.


– A powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant spice, aiding in reducing inflammation and boosting overall health.

– Supports digestion and may help in managing chronic diseases.