Mycotoxin, Mold and Chronic Illness Summit

We hope you enjoyed The Mold, Mycotoxin, and Chronic Illness Summit! If you have not seen the interview with mold illness specialist Dr. Lauren Tessier, watch an excerpt below of his powerful discussion with summit host Ann Shippy, MD.

Healing from mycotoxins can feel like a full-time job. For starters, following a complex detox program can make you feel worse before you feel better (aka “detox crisis”). And you also need to address and/or remove sources of mold in your environment.

Discover much-needed relief from mycotoxins more quickly, safely, and effectively with the help of Toxic Mold: It May Be Harming Your Health More Than You Know: How to Bind and Remove Mycotoxins — and Feel Better Than Ever Before! The physician-designed protocol in this PDF is our exclusive summit gift to you!

After following the multi-targeted program in this PDF, many people have recovered from mold toxicity without having to move homes or replace all their belongings.

With this PDF, you’ll learn:  

  • How to recognize the signs and symptoms of mold toxicity so you can begin the protocol as soon as possible — and start feeling better sooner
  • How mycotoxins from mold affect and damage your health mold
  • The gene that makes you more vulnerable to mold and what to do about it
  • The most effective detox therapies that work regardless of your past health issues and level of toxicity — without causing a detox crisis or Herxheimer reaction symptoms
  • Why it’s essential to understand galectin-3 — specifically, how this pro-inflammatory “alarm” protein (involved in your body’s survival response) can go into overdrive and block your recovery from mold toxicity
  • How Modified Citrus Pectin is shown to tightly bind and safely eliminate toxins like heavy metals, radioactive elements, and other toxins
  • A first-of-its-kind detox formula that has been shown to help eliminate toxins and pesticides, including the harmful weed killer glyphosate
  • The Mold Toxicity Diet: What to eat and what to avoid

ecoNugenics’ simple 2-step Detox Rescue Bundle addresses these key aspects of binding and helping to eliminate mycotoxins from mold from the body. It is easy to follow, gentle on the body, and safe, providing a wealth of clinical benefits for broad-spectrum, multi-targeted support.

The bundle — featuring Modified Citrus Pectin and a highly effective binder formula — is a synergistic pairing of all-natural ingredients that heal and energize the body on a very deep level. These science-backed nutrients address key factors involved in mycotoxin-related illness, including gut health, inflammation responses, immune function, mental clarity, and detox/elimination functions.

Start your journey to better health now — and finally get your life back on track!

Summit attendees get $20+ off their first order.

P.S. Are you a healthcare practitioner interested in learning how the Detox Rescue Bundle can help you improve your patient outcomes? Click here to learn more.