Healing Lyme Summit Highlights

Thank you again for attending the Healing Lyme Disease Summit! We hope you heard Dr. Hinchey share her invaluable insights on effectively treating chronic Lyme disease in her talk “Calm Your Cytokine Storm: Galectin-3 and Lyme Recovery.”

We understand that starting a detox plan can often feel overwhelming, especially if you are dealing with Lyme disease. That's why we are so excited to share a free eBook with you: The Guide to Gentle Detox: Pain-Free + Natural Detox That Rebalances Your Brain and Immune System.


By focusing on gentle detoxification, not only will you be giving your immune system much-needed support, but you'll also be promoting your neurological health and brain function with evidence-based nutraceuticals and approaches.


In this invaluable guide, we have compiled a wealth of natural strategies, tips, and a doctor-designed supplement protocol to help you effectively detoxify your body from harmful substances.

Many people get discouraged when they imagine living with ongoing toxin related health issues and the fatigue, pain, brain fog, co-infections, and other debilitating signs that come with it.    


The discomfort, the uncertainty, the underlying anxiety that things will never get better. Can you relate?  


You can start your life-changing journey now. It is time to experience the incredible things that happen when you finally discover the relief you’ve been searching for.    


Exhaustion, digestive and gut health issues, neurological issues and more can be addressed gently and safely.

Introducing ecoNugenics’s 28-Day Summer Detox Reset


This comprehensive program is doctor-designed, led by experts, and uses clinically researched detox formulas to gently cleanse your body. Here’s a snippet of what’s included in the program (over $2,000 of value!):

✓ Comprehensive Step-by-Step Detox Products + Protocol
✓ Doctor-Led Webinars + PDF Transcripts
✓ Expert-Led Video FAQ Library
✓ Delicious Detox Recipes
✓ Online Portal for all Information, Videos, and Protocols