Maximize Your Neuro-Metabolic Health
Watch the Highlight Reel for the Neurometabolic Summit with Dr. Isaac Eliaz

We hope you enjoyed the Neuro-Metabolic Summit! If you missed the interview with ecoNugenics’ founder and formulator, Dr. Isaac Eliaz — “The Survival Paradox and Cell Metabolism: Uncover Your Infinite Healing Abilities” — watch the highlight reel above!

This video features a 5-minute excerpt from his interviews with host Dr. Peter Kan about groundbreaking regenerative strategies for your neurological function and metabolic performance.

We live in a time when groundbreaking medical advancements are radically improving health and longevity. Yet, our collective health continues to decline under the weight of chronic diseases, such as diabetes, neurological problems, and systemic inflammation.

Now, take a step back and consider why so many of us feel sick all the time.

Many of today’s health problems — including metabolic and neurological conditions — are connected to a little-known protein in our bodies called galectin-3, aka “the survival paradox protein.” This protein is activated when the body experiences a sudden threat, be it physical, emotional, mental, or psychological. This is a good thing in the short term.

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