Your Genes Are NOT Your Destiny!


Maybe you’re burdened with a family history of breast health issues, and you've seen the toll it takes. Maybe you’ve tested positive for the BRCA gene or other genetic indicator that places you in a higher-risk group.

But you do not have to live in fear of getting sick. Consider this: the majority of breast cellular health issues are actually attributed to environmental and lifestyle factors — not genetics. This means you have a lot more control over your breast and long-term health than you may realize.

Other things that can potentially increase breast health risks:

  • Taking birth control pills
  • Exposure to xenoestrogens — common chemicals that mimic the effects of excess estrogen in your body
  • Being older than 50
  • Getting your first period before age 12

But even if genetics are part of your overall risk, there are key natural ingredients shown to support healthy gene expression. These nutrients work by effectively turning off unhealthy gene signaling and activating optimal genetic function, while supporting other key aspects of breast and overall health.

Good vs. Bad Estrogens

Estrogen is a key hormone for women’s health. But if not properly balanced in the body, it can also increase breast health risks. What’s more, harmful environmental toxins, called “xenoestrogens” found in plastics, pesticides, and many other sources, can act like estrogens in the body. Also referred to as “estrogen-mimicking compounds,” these toxins can build up in the body especially within fatty breast tissue and increase breast cellular health risks.

Having good detox support is key to keeping estrogen in healthy balance in the body. Certain natural ingredients, such as DIM (diindolylmethane) derived from cruciferous vegetables, helps to detoxify unhealthy estrogens to defend breast and overall health.

You Can Be Proactive About Breast Health

The good news is that there are evidence-based strategies that can support and defend your breast health — regardless of your family history or genetics. You can take concrete, proactive steps to defend your breasts and maintain optimal long-term wellness.

Nature provides powerful plant compounds that help your genes work in your favor … rather than working against you. The right blend of these botanicals supports your body’s own natural defense systems. They harness the power of special proteins necessary to support optimal gene expression and healthy cellular function. And they prompt your immune system to take on potentially problematic cells, while keeping normal cells healthy.

Introducing BreastDefend

Created by renowned breast cellular health expert, Dr. Isaac Eliaz

BreastDefend is a scientifically researched, comprehensive breast formula shown to promote and preserve healthy breast cell function. Concentrated extracts, mushrooms and nutrients support and safeguard optimal breast health and long-term wellness.*

  • Made from powerful botanicals found in nature*
  • Supports your body’s natural defense systems*
  • Proven to promote and defend healthy breast cell function*

Maybe you’re burdened with a family history of breast health issues, and you've seen the toll it takes. Maybe you’ve tested positive for the BRCA gene or other genetic indicator that places you in a higher-risk group.

When you’re dealing with something as crucial as breast health, you want solutions you can trust. That’s why Dr. Isaac Eliaz, established breast cellular health expert, created BreastDefend — a comprehensive formula designed to promote all levels and stages of breast health.*

BreastDefend: Your Optimal Breast Health Care Plan

Unlike other women's supplements, BreastDefend is a doctor-formulated nutritional blend that actively supports breast health, genetic expression, and hormone balance.*

The formula contains powerful, clinically studied botanical extracts shown to successfully:*

  • Regulate breast cell function
  • Promote hormone balance and estrogen control
  • Detoxify excess estrogens and xenoestrogens
  • Support optimal DNA expression and activity
  • Maintain breast health in a variety of circumstances

BreastDefend’s effectiveness is backed by four peer-reviewed studies published in high-impact scientific journals. So you don’t have to just hope it works… you can see the evidence for yourself. If you want to keep your breasts healthy — but you don’t want to sacrifice your physical or emotional well-being — you now have access to safe, effective support.

The Science Behind BreastDefend

Along with seeing life-changing results in patients, Dr. Eliaz and his team thoroughly researched BreastDefend, confirming its success for maintaining breast health* in four peer-reviewed studies.

1. BreastDefend Enhances the Effects of Conventional Breast Protocols.
BreastDefend, when used in combination with conventional protocols for breast cellular health, increased benefits significantly through strong synergistic actions.*

2. BreastDefend Defends Other Organs
An animal study showed that BreastDefend substantially controlled the spread of breast cells to other sites in the body. Results from this study showed BreastDefend provided a 47% increase in benefits compared to controls.*

3. BreastDefend Regulates Breast Cell Activity.
In a lab study, BreastDefend provided significant support for breast cell regulation and healthy behavior.*

4. BreastDefend Works Even Better When Paired with PectaSol.
When combined with clinically studied PectaSol (modified citrus pectin, or MCP), BreastDefend’s effectiveness dramatically increases… even at lower doses. PectaSol nearly doubled the ability of BreastDefend to support healthy breast cell activity.*

With more than 25 years of clinical and research experience, ecoNugenics founder and formulator Dr. Isaac Eliaz is a physician, researcher, and best-selling author, offering an unparalleled unique approach to health and healing. His extensive training in Western medicine and research, traditional Asian medicine, and complementary healing modalities has earned him international recognition as a leader in integrative health and medicine.

I have been using Breast Defend, along with Pectasol-C, for over 3 months now. I am so impressed with the quality of ingredients in both products and have researched all the individual ingredients in Breast Defend. I am very confident that they are all protecting my breast health and am so happy to have discovered these wonderful products at this time in my life!


Synergistic, Science-Backed Ingredients From Nature

BreastDefend’s proven effectiveness comes from a synergistic combination of eight safe, natural, and well-studied botanical ingredients. Each of these individual plant-based powerhouses delivers significant breast cell support. And when they work together, their benefits are maximized to keep your breast healthy for the long haul.*

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DIM (3,3′-diindolylmethane) is a powerful plant compound found in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and kale. And it has a rare superpower: DIM supports healthy breasts by helping your body get rid of excess estrogen. Long-term high exposure to too much estrogen causes problems for breast cells' normal function. DIM counteracts those effects by improving safe estrogen and xenoestrogen processing and harnessing the benefits of estrogen.

That’s the most important way DIM supports healthy breasts…but it’s not the only way. Research shows DIM helps increase expression of the BRCA1 gene, which supports cells in repairing DNA.

Even better: one groundbreaking clinical trial discovered that DIM helped healthy BRCA carriers stay healthy. When the women took a daily dose of DIM, they saw a significant decline in their breast density, a clear sign of ongoing breast health.


Curcumin, the most bioactive compound found in turmeric, has a variety of health-promoting properties. It's been studied extensively for its breast health benefits, and research shows curcumin supports healthy breast cell function and repair. This powerful phytochemical is also proven to function as:

  • An antioxidant
  • A brain tonic
  • A mood brightener

The key to reaping all the benefits of curcumin is absorption. Curcumin is notoriously hard for the body to absorb... and that’s why BreastDefend contains BCM-95, a highly absorbable and bioavailable form of this golden health warrior.


Astragalus is well known for its ability to support and defend healthy immune system function, vitality and longevity. It has strong antioxidant properties that shield cells from free radical damage, as well as supporting healthy inflammatory responses. And it helps defend special immune cells called macrophages so they can promote healthy breast cells... and keep them that way.

Astragalus contains a powerful compound called formononetin that promotes cellular DNA repair. Formononetin also helps regulate cellular behavior.


Turkey tail mushrooms contain a rich variety of cellular and immune supporting compounds, including two that have been used in Asia for decades. These two compounds — PSK (polysaccharide kureha) and PSP (polysaccharopeptide) — work together to support your body's defense team. Powered by PSK and PSO, turkey tail mushroom supports healthy immune function and positive quality of life.

Turkey tail supports optimal breast health by stimulating the right immune system cells such as NK (natural killer) cells. It also delivers antioxidant protection and helps cells ward off DNA damage, both vitally important for maintaining breast health.


Reishi, known as the “mushroom of immortality,” has been used in traditional medicine for centuries to keep people healthy and vital well into old age. Even now, it remains a prized staple in the Asian oncology toolbox.

Reishi provides dozens of proven health benefits, including:

  • Supporting healthy breast cells
  • Enhancing NK cell activity for boosted breast cell defense
  • Promoting healthy immune system response and function even in people undergoing radiation or chemotherapy treatment
  • Reducing fatigue and promoting physical and emotional well-being

Medicinal mushrooms like reishi provide even stronger benefits when combined with other mushrooms, like turkey tail and meshima.*


Generations of traditional medicine practitioners have used meshima to promote wellness and longevity, especially for women and breast health. It works by blocking cellular adhesion and defending healthy cells. Meshima also makes sure vital nutrients flow only to healthy cells through established blood vessels.

Meshima helps regulate proper immune function and increase immune cell function as needed. It also supplies superior antioxidant strength and supports a healthy inflammatory response.


Certain fruits and vegetables contain a special flavonoid (plant chemical) called quercetin that supplies dozens of benefits for your well-being. Quercetin has many life-sustaining properties and maintains ongoing breast health in several ways. It acts as a powerful antioxidant and helps your immune system mount proper responses. And it keeps breast cells healthy by activating specific proteins that help those cells resist and repair damage.

Research shows quercetin increases the effectiveness of protocols used to promote breast health. And quercetin also helps regulate cellular signaling pathways and growth factors that affect healthy breast cell function.


You may not have heard of Scutellaria barbata despite its prominent use in traditional Chinese medicine. Scutellaria barbata is often used to promote healthy circulation and enhance immune system function.

In Asia, this botanical stars as part of a core herbal protocol used to support optimal breast health through various stages and levels. Extracts of this powerful herb help keep breast cells healthy by encouraging old cells to die off as part of their natural life cycle.

BreastDefend Is a Healthy Breast’s Best Friend

You want to keep yourself healthy but you don’t want to sacrifice your quality of life or your future. And you shouldn't have to.

BreastDefend's combination of proven ingredients actively supports and safeguards the health of your breasts while improving your overall well-being, body and mind. From maintaining optimal hormone balance to promoting DNA activity to encouraging string immune defense, BreastDefend provides a comprehensive wellness plan for your breasts… and your peace of mind.*

BreastDefend delivers positively proactive support for a lifetime of breast health care. To keep your breasts healthy while you thrive, add BreastDefend to your routine today.

We Stand Behind Our Products, But if You Don’t Love BreastDefend, Return It With Our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Give BreastDefend a try for 30 days. See what thousands of Americans are raving about and why doctors recommend it to their patients.

If you don’t notice a huge difference, and you’re not over the moon with the way you feel after 30 days, we’ll give you a full, instant refund.

See What Others Have to Say About BreastDefend

"My daughter began taking this combined with BreastDefend. She says she had immediate relief from the breast pain/swelling and shrinkage of the lump. She’s only 17 and began taking both products following our naturopath’s recommendation."


I’ve been using this product for several years now and, although I don’t get mammograms, my thermography exams have always come out normal. I believe this product contributes to those results!



"I have been using BreastDefend, along with Pectasol-C, for over 3 months now. I am so impressed with the quality of ingredients in both products and have researched all the individual ingredients in Breast Defend."




Frequently Asked Questions


This product has no known adverse effects or contraindications. As with any dietary supplement that contains herbs, you should advise your health care practitioner of the use of this product. If you are nursing, pregnant, or considering pregnancy, consult your healthcare practitioner prior to use.*


Yes. BreastDefend is designed for daily use. At lower doses, it supports healthy hormone balance and long-term breast defense in the presence of family or genetic history. At higher doses, it provides maximum-level benefits for active breast cellular support and defense.


Yes. BreastDefend can be taken at all stages and ages of a woman's life, to provide comprehensive support for healthy breast cellular behavior and longevity.


Yes. Young women (age 18+) can take 1 capsule per day of BreastDefend as a foundational strategy for long-term breast health defense in the presence of family or genetic history.


Yes. BreastDefend can be taken at all stages of protocols for breast health, to provide benefits at the cellular and genetic levels.


Yes. BreastDefend shows synergistic benefits when combined with hormone support protocols for breast cellular health, as well as in combination with PectaSol modified citrus pectin.


Yes, BreastDefend is allergen free, as well as 100% vegetarian and gluten free with no artificial flavors, preservatives or colors.


Yes. BreastDefend is produced under conditions that meet or exceed good manufacturing practices (GMP) as defined by the FDA.




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