Full Body Detox: 6 Ways to Cleanse Your Gut

Full Body Detox: 6 Ways to Cleanse Your Gut

Have you heard of a gut cleanse? Often, a cleanse or detox is used to promote healthy digestion, and get rid of unwanted and harmful toxins and substances that could be bad for your body. When you’re struggling with poor digestion or gut issues, it impacts how you feel, from your energy to your mood. That’s why detoxification and cleanses are critical to boost energy and clean your gut for long-term health benefits. 

What are the signs of poor digestion?

Poor digestive function can contribute to fatigue and unhealthy weight along with a myriad of other common health concerns. Processed food, cooked oils, and other inflammatory foods, along with daily factors like stress, sedentary lifestyle, and toxin exposure, can aggravate your gut, and lead to a number of issues. This means that even when someone adopts a healthier diet, long-term damage to the digestive system can still linger. 

Other signs of an unhealthy digestive system include ongoing digestive discomfort, immune imbalances, mood disturbances, and more. Actively supporting all aspects of digestive function is essential for long term health and vitality. Here are some simple ways to cleanse your body for a healthy gut. 

How To Support a Healthy Gut

A key strategy for rebalancing and optimizing digestive function is to regularly cleanse your gut from the buildup of undigested processed food, toxins, and unfriendly microbes—all of which can harm your digestive system, hinder absorption of nutrients, and trigger long-term impacts throughout the body.  

Detox Diet: Top Gut Detox Foods 

To reduce inflammation in the digestive tract, eating a diet rich in cleansing, detoxifying and alkalizing vegetables and small amounts of fruits can help.  

Recommendations for detox fruits and vegetables include celery, dandelion greens, parsley, cilantro, basil, arugula, cucumber, melon, zucchini, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, avocado, broccoli sprouts, peas, sweet potato and squash. Try sprouting legumes like mung bean and garbanzo, to add extra detoxification and anti-inflammatory benefits. Beets are especially good detoxifiers and are full of B vitamins and minerals, including zinc, which is crucial for the immune system. They are also full of fiber, to help cleanse the digestive tract. Even better, beets support the liver, the body’s primary filter for toxins.   

Sea vegetables are also excellent for supporting detoxification and overall health. Seaweed contains a wealth of nutrients, along with compounds that support the removal of toxins in the GI tract.  

Cultured and fermented vegetables can also be emphasized. The fermentation process increases digestibility and boosts nutrient profiles significantly. These foods support immunity and aid detoxification. Sauerkraut and kimchee for example, are sources of probiotics, enzymes and nutrients that support digestion, detoxification and overall health.  

Many functional mushrooms that provide powerful health benefits can be included in your daily diet. These mushrooms are rich in antioxidants and compounds that help absorb toxins in the GI tract. They also help balance immunity and inflammation, and even repair damaged tissue. Shitake, oyster and maitake are excellent examples that can be included in soups, sautés and other savory dishes.   

Drink plenty of filtered water and cooling herbal teas such as mint, hibiscus and lemon balm. 

 6 Natural Powerful Ways to Cleanse Your Gut  

In addition to diet, the best way to cleanse your gut is with specific natural fibers, and detox binding agents, and other detoxifying ingredients. Powerful detox binders have unique structures that allow them to absorb and trap toxins including heavy metals, pesticides, and others so your body can safely eliminate them through the stool without causing discomfort or harm.  

Many of these natural gut cleansing supplements also support your good bacteria by providing them with essential prebiotic nutrients they need to flourish and thrive. And importantly, these detoxifiers can also work to strengthen gut wall integrity and help to restore healthy gut barrier function.  

Here are some top natural detoxification ingredients:  

Regular (Unmodified) Citrus Pectin—This form of citrus pectin is very different than PectaSol Modified Citrus Pectin – because it’s still in its unmodified, large-molecule form. This keeps it in the GI tract, instead of absorbing into your bloodstream the way the much smaller sized PectaSol does. Regular citrus pectin is made from the inner peel of citrus fruit and is a natural fiber that keeps the intestines moving, while helping to break down fats and remove cholesterol. Pectin is a powerful detox binder that traps and safely removes toxins like pesticides, heavy metals and radioactive elements. Regular pectin is also a prebiotic to feed good bacteria and controls unwanted bacteria, for optimal microbiome balance.  

AlginatesAlginates are powerful detox fibers derived from seaweed. Alginate supplements are shown in research to tightly bind and effectively remove a wide range of heavy metals, pesticides, radioactive elements, and other toxins from the digestive system through the stool. Like regular unmodified pectin, they remain in the GI tract (instead of entering the circulation) and keep toxins from crossing the intestinal barrier into the bloodstream.  

KelpSeaweeds are excellent detoxifiers. Brown kelp is one variety that contains unique compounds which absorb toxins, while delivering essential support for a healthy gut barrier. Kelp supplements provide prebiotic nourishment for good bacteria, while promoting a healthy GI environment. In addition, kelp also supplies iodine, an essential mineral that supports detoxification and other key areas of health.  

Fulvic AcidFulvic acid a component of humus (different than hummus, the middle Eastern dish) which contains diverse organic compounds found in soil, sediments, bodies of water and other sources. It’s a nutrient-dense and probiotic-rich material produced by decomposition of organic matter from microorganisms. Fulvic acid supplements support detoxification by releasing hydrogen ions to create an electrical charge that attracts and binds toxins and free radicals and allows them to be eliminated through the stool. Fulvic acid is also shown to support gut health, boost nutrient absorption, replenish good bacteria, and balance immunity and inflammation in the gut.  

Glycine—While not a detox binding fiber, glycine is an important amino acid for detoxification and gut health, along with numerous other benefits. Glycine is found naturally in meat and other sources of animal protein, and many people take it in supplement form. For gut health and detox, glycine enhances liver detoxification, boosts antioxidant activity, produces digestive enzymes, and helps rebuild the lining of the GI tract. It also prevents the body from storing the health-robbing pesticide, glyphosate.  

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Pre + Probiotics—An effective probiotic supplement is also essential for cleansing and rebalancing your digestive tract. Probiotics perform countless benefits that optimize digestion and nutrient absorption, along with numerous benefits to other key areas of health. By creating an environment where healthy microbes can flourish and thrive, you can prevent bad bacteria from gaining a foothold and optimize your gut health, including gut wall integrity.  

For optimal effectiveness, live probiotics should be combined with prebiotic nutrients in a pH-stable environment to ensure the bacteria can survive and thrive in your GI tract.  

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Getting Digestion Back on Tract

By taking steps to cleanse and rebalance your digestive system, you can increase nutrient absorption, which allows your body to thrive. Most importantly, it gives you powerful momentum to rebuild your long-term health, maintain a balanced weight, and feel better every day.