How Screen Time Speeds Aging—and What You Can Do

How Screen Time Speeds Aging—and What You Can Do - ecoNugenics

Do you spend 5 hours or more in front of screens every day? Your cells are paying the price. Research shows that prolonged exposure to blue light from computer screens and devices can damage your skin, cells and DNA—just like the sun.  

There’s even a new term for it: “Zoom Face”. 

What is “Zoom Face”?

The blue light that comes from computer monitors, smart phones and tablets, and other screen-based devices produces a high-energy, short wavelength. This high energy light causes oxidative stress, DNA damage, and ongoing inflammation. 

These effects can wreak havoc on your health… and speed up the aging process, with serious impacts that include:  

  • Cellular Damage:Blue light can increase free radicals and oxidative stress in your body, derailing healthy cellular processes, and damaging DNA—with long-term impacts to overall health and aging. 

  • Premature Skin Aging: Blue light exposure can alter the behavior of skin cells, break down collagen fibers, increase skin pigmentation, and cause wrinkles and premature aging.  

  • Neurological Impacts: Sleep disturbances, hyper-sensitivity to stress, brain fatigue, and other neurological impacts are linked to blue light exposure. 

  • Vision loss: Extended exposure to high frequency blue light is known to cause vision problems, including macular degeneration.  

Is Blue Light More Harmful than the Sun?

Blue light from screens is actually considered more harmful than ultraviolet light from the sun. That’s because blue light penetrates deeper into the skin where collagen fibers are, wreaking havoc and causing cellular changes that speed up aging.  

Even more concerning, experts state that just one hour can be enough to cause damage.  

Just think what 40 hours a week does to you  

Does Blue Light Disrupt Sleep?

Yes. Blue light exposure disturbs your sleep by blocking melatonin—a master hormone that ensures deep, rejuvenating sleep. Worse, blue light  raises your levels of cortisol and adrenaline—two major stress hormones.  

When you combine the impacts of radiation with poor sleep and increased stress, you get a perfect storm that leaves you looking and feeling, literally fried.  

We depend on this technology. So what can we do to defend our healthand restore our youthful vitality?  

The Answer is Antioxidants

These powerhouse nutrients and compounds work to defend your cells, DNA and entire body against the impacts of oxidative stress and free radical damage—whether it’s from blue lights, EMFs (electromagnetic fields), or other forms of environmental toxin exposure that you’re bombarded with every day.  

Cellular Shield—Radiation + EMF Defense

ecoNugenics Cellular Shield is a first-in-class super-antioxidant formula designed to defend cellular and DNA integrity against the impacts of radiation and EMFsincluding blue light. Cellular Shield offers a multi-faceted approach to keeping you healthy in today’s world: 

  • Neutralizes free radicals and defends against oxidative  stress: Botanical extracts and biologically active nutrients in Cellular Shield are rich in antioxidant compounds that work to neutralize free radicals—the unstable molecules created by exposure to toxins, radiation and other assaults. Free radicals fuel inflammation, and cellular and DNA damage. They also deplete your body’s natural antioxidant reserves, leaving you even more vulnerable to future attacks. Cellular Shield delivers a potent supply of daily antioxidants to defend against damage and support optimal cellular and DNA health.*  

  • Promotes DNA repair : Cat’s claw bark, holy basil, and other select botanical extracts in Cellular Shield are included for their abilities to help defend and repair DNA—a critical factor for healthy cellular function and optimal aging.*  

  • Balances immune activity:Cellular Shield includes potent functional mushrooms such as cordyceps, reishi, and oyster mushrooms for balanced immune activity and optimal cellular support. These mushrooms are further enhanced by our revolutionary cultivation technique, which grows the mushrooms on super-charged botanicals for additional fortification and total-body benefits.*  

  • Promotes optimal energy levels: Ashwagandha and holy basil extracts, along with targeted amino acids such as taurine and L-carnitine in Cellular Shield, deliver targeted support for your cellular mitochondria—the tiny ‘engines’ within your cells that create the energy needed to power your body, and defend against free radical damage.*


Cellular Shield

Cellular Shield

Activating your defenses, this advanced antioxidant supplement restores cell health, enhancing the body's self-healing abilities, and shields you from long-term damage.

The Antioxidant Advantage 

With potent botanical extracts powerful bioactive nutrients, Cellular Shield provides broad-spectrum antioxidant protection against the broad-spectrum of radiation frequencies—and their impacts on your health.  

Now, you don’t have to choose between technology, productivity… and your long-term wellness. Cellular Shield gives you a competitive edgeagainst the increasing amount of radiation we’re exposed to in today’s modern world—while supporting optimal energy and vitality in the process.*