Discover the Key to Hormone Balance and Vibrant Health

Discover the Key to Hormone Balance and Vibrant Health

The body is always working to maintain hormone balance, but in today’s environment, most people could use some help. Environmental toxins, lack of exercise, dietary influences, and other factors can throw your hormones out of balance. Hormone imbalances can cause issues and symptoms that affect quality of life, and over time, increase the risks of hormone-related health issues, reproductive problems, unhealthy weight, and more. Here’s what you need to know about balancing hormones and estrogen and prioritizing your hormonal health.

What is Estrogen and What Does It Do?

A hormone that has numerous impacts on women’s health, and even men, is estrogen. In the body, estrogen gets broken down into a variety of metabolites, some of which promote cellular health, immunity, antioxidant activity, and other key areas of health. Unfortunately, other estrogen metabolites can cause problems associated with cellular abnormalities, and other health conditions.  

Part of the issue with estrogen is the toxins in our environment that mimic or interact with estrogen in the body. These heavy metals, plastics, pesticides, and many others enter the body as estrogen-mimicking compounds, also called xenoestrogens. They attach to estrogen and other hormone receptors and prevent natural estrogens and other hormones from being properly metabolized and utilized. Over time, these chemicals can harm your health, causing major hormone imbalances, disrupting cell signaling, and interfering with critical body functions.

Common Signs of Estrogen Imbalance:

  • Slow metabolism and weight gain 
  • Skin issues including acne 
  • Low energy and fatigue 
  • Sleep disturbances 

When it comes to hormone balance, managing stress, sleep, and your weight are essential ways to promote your long-term wellness. 

Natural Foods and Ingredients That Balance Hormones

To support natural hormone balance and overall health, it is important to promote the body’s ability to properly metabolize hormones and detoxify harmful estrogens. With nutritional supplements and ingredients for hormone balance, you will find the support you need to enhance your body’s functions for balance and detoxification.  

A healthy diet with natural ingredients and lots of fiber and protein can help your body defend against health threats to your hormones. Eating leafy green vegetables and avoiding sugar and refined carbs is key to prioritizing your hormone balance. Diets with lots of sugar have been found to lead to serious health conditions and derail body functions.

Studies show that cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, and brussels sprouts, are extremely helpful in balancing hormones and estrogen. One natural compound often used in women’s supplements called DIM (diindolylmethane) has been extensively researched for its hormone balancing ability. Derived from cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, DIM helps to detoxify the body of harmful estrogen-like compounds and supports healthy hormone balance in both men and women. The beauty of DIM is that it has been shown to increase the good kind of hormone metabolites and decrease the kind that can challenge health.  

Breast health and other areas of hormone-related areas of health depend on this delicate balance. DIM can offer critical support in maintaining healthy levels of hormones, while providing additional benefits for healthy weight, metabolism, and inflammation.

Supplements to Balance Hormones

DIM is one of the top researched compounds for healthy hormone balance and estrogen. But to get the full benefits of healthy estrogen balance, DIM should be used together with other researched ingredients that can work together to provide powerful benefits for hormone balance and long-term health defense.  

BreastDefend is a researched hormone-balancing supplement that combines clinical doses of DIM, together with powerful antioxidant herbs, medicinal mushrooms, and nutrients including quercetin, curcumin extract, Chinese skullcap, and astragalus for natural support for healthy estrogen balance and long-term health. This expert blend of natural ingredients gives you synergistic hormone benefits that come from combining DIM with a powerful array of antioxidant-rich compounds.3-6




All of BreastDefend’s proven effectiveness comes from a synergistic combination of eight safe, natural, and well-studied botanical ingredients.*

Research shows that BreastDefend promotes healthy breasts and defends against both hormone positive and hormone negative breast cells and their impacts to long-term health. Take just one capsule of BreastDefend, twice daily, for healthy hormone balance.*

Together with daily exercise, stress management practices, a healthy lifestyle routine, and prioritizing sleep, finding ways to help you naturally balance hormones can help you as you age. These daily lifestyle changes can go a long way to helping you feel your best long-term. 



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