More than Milk Thistle: What You Actually Need for a Complete Liver Detox

More than Milk Thistle: What You Actually Need for a Complete Liver Detox

You can’t live healthy without a healthy liver. The liver is a superhero organ, also called the “workhorse of the body,” for a reason—performing over 500 essential and wide-ranging functions that keep us alive and well. It’s the most complex organ in the body, with many tasks including: breaking down nutrients and chemical compounds, storing glycogen to be used as energy, producing bile to digest fats and detoxify the body, regulating blood sugar, manufacturing hormones, and producing the main antioxidants—like master antioxidant glutathione—that your body needs to detox and defend against toxins, free radicals, and oxidative stress.1 

These and other key functions of the liver directly affect how we look and feel, our energy levels, immunity, and overall health and longevity.2 If your liver can’t properly remove toxins and waste, and produce protective antioxidants, your risks of health conditions go up significantly. That’s why it’s so important to take care and cleanse your liver, with regular liver detox support.  

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Liver Detox Support Ingredients

Gentle liver detox support using natural ingredients and supplements can help defend your liver against threats like environmental toxins, unhealthy fats and sugar, alcohol, and other risks to your gut health. It can also help to enhance your natural liver detox activity, support antioxidant production, improve digestion and metabolism, and boost energy production. When you cleanse your liver, you get greater energy, a healthy gut, and can see and feel the difference, with clearer skin, healthy weight, improved immune function, and more healthy benefits.

More Than Milk Thistle for Liver Detox

The most well-known liver support herb is milk thistle. This natural liver detox herbal ingredient contains powerful compounds like silymarin and silybin, that deliver benefits for targeted liver support and detox. Published data shows that these two milk thistle extracts help repair damaged liver cell functions, provide powerful antioxidant protection, increase fat metabolism, balance blood sugar, reduce inflammation in the liver, and support healthy immune responses and healthy liver function.3 

Milk thistle is helpful for cleansing the liver, however for a complete liver detox with gut support and long-term liver benefits, you need to go beyond one single ingredient. With a combination of ingredients that can work together to provide greater health and liver benefits, ecoNugenics expert physician-formulated liver detox supplements provide you the power of complete liver detox with multiple ingredient benefits that are more effective than what you’d get from a single ingredient alone.

When milk thistle is combined with other targeted liver support and detox botanicals and nutrients you get maximum benefits to ensure optimal liver and gut function. Liver detox ingredients include natural, balancing herbs and antioxidants that support a clean and healthy liver.

Liver Detox and Gut Support Ingredients:

Lipoic acid: This powerful antioxidant helps boost other antioxidants in the body including glutathione, and defends liver function against oxidative stress and fatty liver, while improving cellular mitochondrial function and energy production.4  

Dandelionleaf and root: This common weed is an excellent liver cleanser. Dandelion improves gut health and digestive function and supports a healthy gallbladder. It helps reduce stress on the liver, increases the production of bile production, and improves the liver’s ability to filter the blood.5 

Cilantro Leaf: Cilantro leaf is shown to help bind toxins in the liver and digestive tract, for safe removal, while helping to support healthy inflammation responses, balanced cholesterol, and provide powerful antioxidants to support liver detox and health.  

MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane): A highly active form of sulfur that supports cellular detoxification and defends liver function against chemical compounds and toxic substances. Also helpful for joint health and tissue repair.  

Zinc: This mineral is essential for liver enzyme activity to complete all stages of liver detoxification and toxin metabolism.  

NAC (N-acetyl Cysteine): A powerful amino acid that Increases the body’s production of master antioxidant glutathione, supports healthy inflammation responses in the liver, improves glucose metabolism, and helps neutralize toxins in the liver.6 

Liver Detox Supplements

For effective and daily liver detox and gut support, ecoDetox is the best liver detox supplement for complete liver and total-body cleansing and detoxification.* These liver cleanse capsules can be used daily to promote healthy liver detox and function, healthy gut, and long-term health.* 

With a powerful blend of milk thistle together with the liver detox ingredients mentioned above like dandelion, zinc, and MSM, you can optimize your liver and body's detox systems and help release toxins from cells and tissues— with additional support for antioxidant activity, energy production and other critical detox functions.* 



With antioxidants and detox ingredients, this liver supplement promotes healthy liver function, cleanses and optimizes your body's critical detox systems, and helps boost energy needed for detox.

Naturally detox your liver and your body with the power of natural liver detox support with ecoDetox. A clean liver is essential for your best health and to keep your body functioning smoothly and properly. With ecoDetox, you get the power of a natural liver cleanse with detox support for your entire body. With a cleansed liver and detox support, you’ll feel your best every day and support your long-term health. 



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