Downstream Danger—The Far-Reaching Health Impacts of Pesticides

Downstream Danger—The Far-Reaching Health Impacts of Pesticides - ecoNugenics

The more we learn about pesticides and their impacts on living systems—like your body—the more we see how little we actually knew about them even in the recent past.

That’s because clinical safety data, or ANY reliable data on the biological effects of thousands of common agricultural chemicals, has been limited at best.

But that hasn’t stopped billions of pounds of these toxic pesticides from being used in the US annually.

Now the hard data is catching up. Study after study continues to ring the alarm about the far-reaching health impacts of some of the most commonly used pesticides including the toxic herbicide glyphosate, fungicides, and many others.

And the results are not looking good.

Agricultural chemicals that are shown to have grave impacts on your neurological system, immune function, cellular behavior and more, are still being used on a massive scale in this country. Nevermind that glyphosate and many others are banned by a growing number of countries around the world.

The studies emerging on glyphosate are especially important to pay attention to. With over 1 billion pounds used in the US annually, this pervasive weed killer is making its way into everything, including organic foods. And, your body...where it can trigger a number of effects on your health.

Rounding Up the Effects of Glyphosate

One of the areas where glyphosate is showing serious impacts is your digestive system. Glyphosate interrupts certain metabolic pathways that good bacteria rely on to thrive in your GI tract. In this way, glyphosate can cause stark imbalances in your microbiome, and create an environment where unfriendly microbes thrive.

Glyphosate has also been linked to gluten sensitivity and changes in the GI tract. Some experts believe that the widespread use of glyphosate on wheat and other gluten-containing crops in the US has led to a spike in gluten intolerance.

Glyphosate is also linked to mineral and nutrient deficiencies, and disruption of detoxification and other metabolic pathways.

And, most concerning, it is suggested that this chemical can interfere with normal cellular function and behavior, setting the stage for more serious impacts over time.

Advanced Solutions—Even if you Eat Organic

Even if you eat organic and live clean, these efforts are not enough to prevent pesticides like glyphosate from getting stored in your body and wreaking havoc on your health.

That’s why ecoNugenics founder and detoxification expert, Dr. Isaac Eliaz created a targeted new solution to address this all-too-common issue of glyphosate and pesticide body burden.  

After extensive research and clinical application, he perfected a formula to effectively reduce body burden of glyphosate and other toxic agricultural chemicals.

This evidence-based blend of natural detox binders targets a broad range of pesticides and agricultural chemicals, and helps safely remove them from the body. The formula also helps block these toxins from being stored in the body, which is especially important for sensitive organs and tissues like the thyroid.

Now, we’re making this advanced pesticide detox formula—GlyphoDetox—available to you for the first time!

We’re passionate about offering evidence-based solutions that you can use today to safeguard yourself and your family from the ever-growing impacts of pesticides and environmental toxins.

Your Health Won’t Wait…Take Action Today

The truth is, you can't wait for our regulators to ban health-robbing pesticides and agricultural chemicals, the way other countries have so wisely done.

You need solutions today that can help keep these toxins out of your body, and promote optimal health and vitality.

New GlyphoDetox and ecoNugenics other targeted detox formulas are designed to do just that, providing you with a reliable foundation to truly thrive in today’s modern environments.*


Detox Rescue Bundle

Detox Rescue Bundle

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