Who Really Needs Multivitamins?

Who Really Needs Multivitamins? | ecoNugenics

Every so often, a study is published and news reports churn out the headlines to the effect: “Vitamins Don’t Work.” One of the latest along these lines involves a meta-analysis: A type of research review which gathers previously published data and looks for patterns. Published May 2018 in the Journal of American Cardiology, the authors reported that most vitamin and mineral supplements don’t reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. News outlets sensationalized the story, and consumers were left to draw their own conclusions.

However, other experts criticized the review, citing a lack of standardization among the varying data sets. Important factors — the quality of ingredients, or ratios of nutrients consumed — weren’t measured. As one nutrition researcher pointed out, “They’re essentially comparing apples to oranges.”

It’s also important to note that such reports ignore the more robust clinical data in this field – data that demonstrates the protective benefits of high-quality multivitamins.

Gold Standard Results

A clinical study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) validates the use of multivitamins to maintain long-term health, for example. The study was a ten-year, double-blind clinical trial—the “gold standard” in peer-reviewed research. Results showed that men who took a daily multivitamin significantly reduced their cellular health risks, highlighting the protective value of such formulas.

If this can be achieved with a typical multivitamin, then what can a more sophisticated and comprehensive multi-nutrient formula do for your health?

A lot. It’s one of the top reasons we formulated a unique line of men’s and women’s multi-nutrient supplements, which are more than just multivitamins.

These doctor-formulated, comprehensive supplements offer precise ratios of essential nutrients and are fortified with antioxidants and unique botanicals, to deliver broad-spectrum benefits for men and women.*

Men’s Essentials Plus®

Men’s Essentials Plus contains essential nutrients and herbs for protecting and promoting long-term health in men of all ages. This formula offers specific benefits for:

  • Prostate and endocrine health
  • Antioxidant activity
  • Cardiovascular and immune health.*
  • Vitality, metabolism, and hormone balance
  • Detoxification and liver functions


Men's Longevity Essentials is a broad-spectrum multinutrient supplies essential vitamins, minerals, herbs and antioxidants, to support daily wellness for men of all ages.*

Women’s Longevity Rhythms®

Women’s Longevity Rhythms contains a comprehensive blend of essential nutrients, specific herbs, extracts, and antioxidants to support women adapting to the changing rhythms of perimenopause through menopause. Targeted ingredients work together to:

  • Balance hormone cycles
  • Promote stamina and vital energy
  • Support liver and detoxification
  • Provide antioxidant support
  • Promote cardiovascular health, and more.*


Women’s Longevity Rhythms is a unique multi-nutrient and herbal formula designed to meet the daily nutritional requirements of women, with comprehensive support for key areas such as hormone balance, cardiovascular health, detoxification, and more.*

Women’s Longevity Rhythms Gold ®

Designed to help support women’s health through post-menopause, Women’s Longevity Rhythms Gold provides a comprehensive blend of daily essential nutrients as well as specific herbs, botanicals, and antioxidants. The formula offers targeted support to help:

  • Maintain healthy joints and bones
  • Optimize cognitive function
  • Balance hormones
  • Support stamina and vitality
  • Promote cardiovascular health and more.*

We carefully select the most bioavailable ingredients for our formulas, avoiding synthetic in favor of natural, botanical-based nutrients. Of course, an unprocessed, balanced diet is the foundation of everyday wellness. But as published data and everyday observation shows, most of us can benefit from an extra boost of nourishment to protect and promote long-term health.*


Women's Longevity Rhythms Gold provides a comprehensive blend of essential nutrients, botanicals, and targeted natural compounds, to provide maximum nutritional support, while helping balance the rhythms of menopause and beyond.*

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