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The Synergy of PectaSol and ProstaCaid
Extensive clinical use alongside published research confirms that adding PectaSol to your daily ProstaCaid protocol can enhance the efficacy of these specialized formulas, and optimize their health benefits—safely and naturally.*
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Protecting Your Skin from the Inside Out
Fascinating studies continue to show how antioxidant and nutrient-dense foods like brightly colored fruits and vegetables, powerful botanical extracts, and sprouted grains and legumes, can protect skin against sun damage and support a healthier complexion.
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Study Reveals Key to Beating Lyme - ecoNugenics
Lyme disease is increasingly recognized as a significant health concern worldwide. As researchers continue to investigate the complex mechanisms behind this debilitating condition, one thing is clear: Symptoms and responses of Lyme disease are often very different from one person to the next. A recent study helps us understand why.
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