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Your Breast Health Questions Answered | ecoNugenics
When you’re constantly worried about your breast health or getting breast cancer, fear and anxiety take over your life. The numbers are scary, and cases seem to be increasing. Whether you have family history, the BRCA gene, or have had...
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5 Amazing Immune Health Benefits of Medicinal Mushrooms | ecoNugenics
From trendy mushroom coffees to mushroom-infused skincare products, medicinal mushrooms are mushrooming in popularity. People are finally discovering and experiencing what practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine have known for thousands of years — mushrooms are among the most powerful healing...
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How to Improve Your Gut Health | ecoNugenics
Digestion affects your health on every level, so improving your digestion can boost the health and function of your entire body. On the other hand, when digestion suffers, it can have far-reaching impacts on key areas of health—not to mention...
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